‘El Bobo’ Weghorst defends Van Gaal for his comments about Messi and Argentina: ‘What a fantastic man’

Wout Weghorst and Van Gaal during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar (Getty Images)

The dispute that arose is still hidden Louis van Gaal with his strong statements against sanctification Argentina national team V FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022which included a heated duel against Netherlands in the quarterfinals. Now added Wout Weghorst to the controversy with a strange response praising the Dutch coach.

Weghorstfamous for its intersection with Lionel Messi and the main character of the phrase – Go there, fool.consulted about statements Van Gaalwho raised dust by saying that “Messi should have become world champion” and therefore Argentina At competitions in the Arab country, she enjoyed favor at the judges level.

“I thought: what a fantastic, wonderful, honest man.”said Weghorst in front of the microphones ESPN after the victory 3-0 belonging Mechanical orange due to Greece To playoffs For EURO 2024where he was the author of one of the goals. – So he’s right?– the journalist answered, which caused a very mixed reaction.

“No, you’re asking me what I thought then. If you’re right… I have my own opinion. But I think it’s great that he says what he feels. My opinion doesn’t matter much.”Hill Weghorstwho left this market Manchester United and subscribed to it Hoffenheim.

Wout Weghorst celebrates one of the Netherlands’ World Cup goals as Van Gaal looks on (REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)

The journalist who interviewed him wanted to find a clear answer, but Weghorst He again showed some confusion in his position: “It’s very difficult for me because there are still a lot of feelings there. At the end of the day, you want to win the World Cup and whether that really is the case… I have no idea.. I hope not. I think football, FIFA and us football fans… we all try to be the best in every tournament.

Wout Weghorst He wasn’t the only player on the team. Netherlands who spoke out about the former coach’s remarks. Two other players weighed in on the matter but distanced themselves from the accusations. “This is your opinion, of course. Everyone can have their own opinion. “I don’t share this.”he sentenced Virgil van Dijkcaptain of the Dutch national team, which he will meet this Sunday Ireland.

There were also words Ronald Koemansuccessor Van Gaal as president, who initially compared the feeling to those he experienced when coaching Barcelona, ​​but later chose to remain on the sidelines and stated that he would not have brought such a charge against the world champions: “I personally wouldn’t say that, but all opinions should be respected.”

Almost nine months have passed, but the rivalry Argentina And Netherlands This is very relevant. They had a maximum voltage crossing at Qatarended in scandal after the team’s victory Lionel Scaloni on penalties after a dramatic draw 2-2 was experienced with great intensity precisely thanks to the statements Van Gaal before the meeting, which was also aimed directly at Messi.

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