Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal together with Florece Pugh and Andrew Garfield, the fashionable couples of the Oscars 2023 | Film and Television

The Oscars have always celebrated stories, and this 95th edition was not going to be less. Although the night was for Everything at once everywhere, there was also room for other faces of the most popular between the small and the big screen.

They were not missing on stage halle bailey and Melissa McCarthy to present the new trailer for The little Mermaid, which presented their first official trailer; as well as Elizabeth Banks next to the big bear of his vicious bear —his upcoming film about a cocaine-addicted bear. Although there was also a place for the best-known superheroic faces of the streaming.

From the beginning of the gala, not even the presenter himself Jimmy Kimmel could avoid referring to the fact that “Spider-Man and the Mandalorian” were in the audiencebut it was his appearances on stage that revolutionized the public:

“Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh, the duo I didn’t know I needed” or “I don’t care what the plot is… But Elizabeth Olsen, Pedro Pascal, Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield in one movie together. It could be MY multiverse of madness.” , are some of the tweets that flooded the Internet; the latter referring to the membership of almost everyone present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is true that Pedro Pascal, if he is from some superheroic universe, is from DC —he played one of the villains of Wonder Woman 1984 in 2021—, but both Olsen and Pugh and Garfield have been Marvelites in their last years of their careers. More concretely, like the Scarlet Witch, the Black Widow Yelena Belova or Peter Parker himself.

Both couples presented the short film and script categories, but few people paid attention to the awards: They immediately focused on the unexpected couples that the organization of the Academy devised, and that he managed to bring reminiscences to all those who have had a 2022 —and part of this 2023— following the projects of these four professionals.

The Fantastic four of the oscars

This may end up being a wake-up call for the heads of Marvel Studios to get their act together and return everyone to the big screen, although it is something of the most likely. You have to remember that there are two Avengers movies in the works, and great crossovers are expected between all the characters that have been presented in the latest releases of recent years.

It seems that Pedro Pascal will not yet make the leap to work with Kevin Feigeand Andrew Garfield is the big question: will he return to being the Spider-Man he was in 2012 and who returned in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Still Nothing is known about it, but of course, his presentation speeches at the most important film awards of the year can be enjoyed on loop.

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