Elizabeth Olsen wants to return soon as Scarlet Witch in the MCU

One of the most anticipated returns within the MCU is that of Scarlet Witch, something that her interpreter, Elizabeth Olsen, also wants.

One of the most acclaimed characters in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Scarlet Witch, who could return at any moment, according to Elizabeth Olsen.

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Although the actress is already focused on other projects with different networks and streaming platforms, Olsen is very fond of Wanda Maximoff, who could be in the future of the MCU soon.

At a recent event held with some fans, Elizabeth Olsen talked about Scarlet Witch’s return to Marvel Studios stories, something she might know, but she didn’t want to give more details.

If I were to tell you exactly what I would like, I think I would be spoiling something… I don’t know if I can share. I just want to go back!

As SMASH reported to you in a timely manner, Elizabeth Olsen does not rule out Scarlet Witch’s arrival in X-Men projects with Marvel Studios.

Someone just said, ‘Because they’re bringing in the X-Men, Wanda is part of the X-Men franchise. Why can’t Wanda be there too?’ In my mind, I think: ‘Yes. Why can’t Wanda also be with the X-Men?”.

Let’s remember that Scarlet Witch’s debut occurs in the pages of X-Men #4 (March, 1963), where Magneto’s daughter begins her story in Marvel as a villain, and later finds her redemption to join the Avengers, where she lived momentous moments.

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