Elon Musk said that Javier Miley was confused with Miley Cyrus: true or false?

Post from La Libertad Avanza (LLA) with Miley Cyrus. Musk deleted the message hours after he wrote it at the height of libertarian euphoria over the supposed endorsement of the candidate by the world’s richest businessman. And doubt remains in the air: was the second tweet, which seemed like a mockery, real or fabricated?

It all started when the American conservative journalist Tucker Carlson, who came to Argentina to interview Milea, yesterday at about six o’clock in the evening published a tweet in which he appeared next to the LLA candidate and emphasized that he was with the “enemy of the Washington Post.” . ..” and perhaps the next president of Argentina.”

Within minutes, the controversial owner’s post immediately went viral and had a major impact among Argentine libertarians, who saw one of the most powerful men on the planet appear to show his support for a right-wing candidate.

Carlson’s post and Musk’s response; The capture was made by the author of this note.

Miley even responded to Musk and Carlson on social media, also in English: “You are both more than happy to come to Argentina next year if we succeed,” that is, “Both are more than happy to come to Argentina next year. “What will happen if we succeed!”

Miley or Miley

But then, it seems, another post was made from the account of the South African tycoon, in which it was written in a mocking tone: “I thought you were talking about Miley Cyrus!” That is, “I thought they were talking about Miley Cyrus,” literally translated . This message, judging by screenshots circulating online, should have been released around the same time as the first, praising the Argentine libertarian.

The capture went viral on social networks and was picked up by Argentine media.

Immediately on Twitter, Mili’s face changed to that of the “Flowers” ​​singer. To make matters worse, both of Musk’s posts, the first praising and the second mocking, were deleted.

In detail

But what’s the truth about that second tweet? There are several details that make us suspect that this is a fake. Firstly, no one seems to have seen the original post, only the screenshots that started circulating later, when the caption “It would have been completely different!” has already been deleted.

Then there is the problem of grammatical errors. It’s hard to believe that Musk wrote “you” in the present tense when he clearly should have written “you were” so that the sentence would read, “I thought they were talking about Miley Cyrus.”

Then the question arises about the time of publication of the post. Since there are only screenshots to see this, only “two hours ago” is shown as a link. But he says the same thing in Elon Musk’s first tweet. That is, both would have been published almost simultaneously. But, and here’s the problem, Miley replied with an invitation to visit Argentina at 19:07 (that tweet is still available), that is, about an hour after the millionaire’s post. Did the LLA candidate not see Cyrus mentioned? This seems unlikely.

So everything points to a “fake” tweet. But the strange thing is that Elon Musk deleted his original message.

Much of the Argentine media, which was quick to highlight Musk’s support for Milea, immediately amplified news of the alleged message in which the South African claims to have become confused. But without any analysis.

We’ll see what Musk has to say about this… if he ever says anything. (DIB) MM

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