Ely Blancarte confessed what it was like to work alongside Kimberly Loaiza

  • Ely Blancarte presented her new single, which is titled After Party.
  • Blancarte explained how her mother caught her while she sang in the bathroom.

This Thursday, March 2, we had a live on Facebook with the interpreter of ‘De lao’, Ely Blancarte, who told us about how he began to like music and revealed that his mother was the one who noticed his talent while he was in the shower

“My dad is my biggest musical influence, he is super versatile, there was always music in the house, when I turned 15, my mom caught me when I was singing in the bathroom and I was very embarrassed (laughs), until I started to to have confidence and at school I entered singing classes, and it turned out that the teacher owned a versatile group and with the support of my parents I entered that group, there I began to sing at local parties in Mazatlán ”.

In addition, he told us that as a result of the pandemic he became much more viral on TikTok, but he made it clear that his great dream is to sing: “The time of the pandemic arrives and TikTok arrives, social networks to everything that gives and that’s where a lot of us came from. I worked a lot hand in hand with Juan De Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza, it was something super big and I feel that the issue of social networks began to emerge from there, but really my dream has always been music ”.

In the same way, he took the opportunity to tell us how it was working alongside Kimberly Loaiza: “Working with her was super good, she is a super cute girl, she is very good and above all, very humble.”

On the other hand, Blancarte told us which artist he would like to collaborate with in the future: “There are many artists, but I feel that for me Romeo Santos, I always say that I love Romeo, Karol G fascinates me and Rosalía, we are going to work on that direction (laughs)”.

Likewise, he detailed the way in which he created his new single, After Party, which can now be heard on all platforms.

“I came up with the idea, I wanted to do something as a party and to dance, in that La Bikina told me ‘hey this is very sensual and what do you think if we do it as a party, but after party type’ to take the boy to the after party (laughs)… that song has a lot of magic and it’s one of my favorites and it’s available on all platforms”, he commented.

Finally, the singer commented on Shakira’s songs for Gerard Piqué and showed her support for the Colombian: “At first it was like ‘what are you doing, how strong, your children’ (laughs), but I feel that it was very intelligent, we like Spectators can assume many things, but it was very intelligent…because it was like a play and as she says, ‘we don’t cry anymore, we invoice’”, she concluded.

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