Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘mixie’ cut that suits everyone

    If you thought that in a matter of haircuts everything was limited to straight hair, we are here to prove that The year 2023 is full of different proposals for ‘hairstyles‘ that will make you rethink if you should change that cut that you have been wearing for years. Jumping into the pool in matters of change of ‘look’ has never been as fashionable as it is now. And if they don’t tell model Emily Ratajkowski, which in less than a year has left us with a surprising list of different hair proposals. Without going any further, since December we have seen her wear XXL side bangs, a ‘French bob’ cut and, in terms of dyes, she added her red hair. in his last change He has opted for a ‘mixie’ cut that suits him great.

    If there is someone who is not afraid of change and always wins when she risks, that is Emily Ratajkowski (also known as Emrata for the abbreviation with which she introduces herself on social networks). The model is not only praised for not holding her tongue and commenting on any controversy that she has a strong opinion on, but also for is one of the greatest exponents in terms of fashion and beauty. Her flat tummy workout is one of the most envied and no one wears a plunging neckline more confidently on the red carpet than she does.

    In his latest photo session for ‘Pop’ magazine, he has not been afraid of success and has posed with a maxi haircut that we have not seen coming.

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    The longest hair is competing with the shortest, and it seems that Emily Ratajkowski has positioned herself in favor of mini cuts. In this case, she wears a style known as a ‘mixie’ cut, which is a mixture between the ‘pixie’ cut and the ‘mullet’. This fusion of styles is one of the most flattering for those who are looking for a good haircut, but do not dare to go for the very short ‘pixie’, whose representative is always and always will be Emma Watson.

    The ‘mixie’ adds a longer bangs and, preferably, disheveled (let’s understand each other, that style that you yourself try to give it), and also gain centimeters on both sides of the head and the nape of the neck. A fresh, carefree and very elegant cut.

    Through the images shared in ‘stories’ we have been able to discover that behind this great change there is a trick, as Emily has appeared with shoulder-length hair, which makes us suspect that she has either worn a wig or, like Jessica Alba, has resorted to some amazing extensions (we bet on the first option, in the absence of official confirmation).

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

    reviewing haircut trends, we can verify that it is not so easy to be aware of all of them. The most viral ‘bob’, moving on to the renewed ‘mod’ version that Zendaya showed off, and the revival of layered hair with the butterfly cut as the main exponent.

    Yes, we are witnessing the greatest variety of hair styles in recent years, motivated by viral TikTok videos that make us wonder if we should go to the hairdresser tomorrow. But, if you have doubts about whether it will suit you, we leave you a guide on the haircuts that best suit the shape of the face.

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