Emma Watson looks great in a nude dress at the Oscars

    The Oscars are a fashion festival (and, of course, a tribute to the most incredible movies of the year). Apparently, Emma Watson understood it perfectly: the Harry Potter actress shared on her Instagram Stories the three outfits she wore for Oscar night. Because if they invite you to three different parties, their thing is to change their look.

    First of all, the 32-year-old star she wore a gorgeous lilac lace dress by Fendi. The fitted dress showed off her sculpted legs, abs, and butt, along with her toned shoulders. Later, she posed in the same spot in a strapless black Christopher Esber dress with a pretty detail on the bodice. Next, she wore an off-the-shoulder black dress in which she attended Elton John’s party to watch the Oscars.

    Emma Watson’s nude dress

    This is the first time in five months that we’ve seen Emma on a red carpet. In an interview in 2019, she confessed that she did not feel pressure to get old, but she did feel pressure to settle down.

    elton john aids foundation's 31st annual academy awards viewing party inside

    Emma Watson in a Fendi dress


    “Suddenly everything around us is filled with subliminal messages,” he said of his 30th birthday. “If you haven’t built a home, if you don’t have a husband, if you don’t have children, you’re 30 and you have to get everything that people expect of you. It’s very anxious.” She also made it clear that she’s great at this point in her life. “I’m very happy (being single),” she said. “I call it being a self-partner.”

    Exercises to stay in shape by Emma Watson

    Emma Watson, very jealous of her private life, does not share much about her exercise routine, but she has left some clues. Delicious reported in 2017 that she used to work out with trainer Emily Drew, the two did 30-minute sessions that focused on stretching and strength training. That included doing a bunch of exercises with stability balls, like oblique rollers and ball passes.

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    Emma is also a yoga instructor. According to what he told elle australiaThis practice makes her feel calm. “I had to find a way to always feel safe and at home within myself,” she explains.

    In other interviews, the actress has spoken about how much she enjoys cooking her own food. I don’t like recipes I like to cook things that I know how to do“, said to Marie Claire some time ago. One of his favorite dishes is Mexican food. “In the morning I make an amazing omelet. It’s my specialty,” she explains. “I make guacamole, salsa and scrambled eggs and then I cook the tortilla. It’s very simple, really, but it’s delicious.”

    just see her look with nude dress to check that your exercise routine and your menu are very healthy and help you stay in shape.

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