Epidemiological alert for an outbreak of trichinosis in Karue

The ministries of health and agricultural development of the province have declared an epidemiological alert after the detection of cases of suspected trichinosis in the interior of Buenos Aires. So far, 29 people have been reported to have been exposed, 15 of whom developed symptoms; from the municipalities of Adolfo Alsina and Sallikelo, and the products included bacon and dried chorizo.

Samples of both products analyzed by the Applicant’s laboratory tested positive for Trichinella helix. The sausages came from the plant “AGROINDUSTRIA LOS ANDRES SRL”, CUIT 30-71205283-3, located in the municipality of Sallikelo, with the trademark “Don Andrés” RPE No. 122-5 PAMS Exp No. 22500-39417/ 17 found in salami.

According to preliminary information, these products were distributed in the municipalities of Dayro, Hipólito Yrigoyen, Coronel Suárez, Saavedra, Tres Lomas, Trenque Lauquen, Puan, Rivadavia and Adolfo Alsina. Faced with this, medical teams were called in to strengthen the epidemiological surveillance of cases of trichinosis in the said municipalities, and the secretariats of health and food science departments of these areas were urged to continue the investigation.

Meanwhile, the population of the district is advised to take preventive measures and consult in a timely manner if symptoms are present. A “suspected trichinosis” is any person who has a history of eating pork or bushmeat and derivatives in the 45 days prior to the onset of symptoms and who has a fever and one or more of the following: swelling of the face. and / or periorbital, myalgia, bilateral tarsal conjunctivitis and / or diarrhea, eosinophilia and / or increased levels of muscle enzymes (LDH, CPK, etc.).

Trichinosis or trichinosis is a parasitic disease caused by larvae and adult parasites of nematodes of the genus Trichinella, affecting humans, domestic and wild mammals, birds and reptiles. It is a zoonosis that is transmitted to humans by accident through the consumption of meat or meat derivatives, raw or undercooked, that contain viable muscle larvae.

In the province of Buenos Aires, outbreaks of trichinosis occur mainly during the low temperature season, and the temporal distribution of historical cases shows an increase between July and October.


● Do not consume products from the pork factory in the Sallikelo area, AGROINDUSTRIA LOS ANDRÉS” CUIT 30-71205283-6 with the trademark “Don Andrés”.

● Promptly seek medical attention if you experience symptoms such as swelling of the eyelids or face (facial and/or periorbital edema), fever, muscle pain, diarrhea after several days, and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

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