Epilepsy Conference to be held at the Mother and Child Hospital

A conference on strengthening knowledge about epilepsy will be held at the State Hospital for Mother and Child.

It is intended for nurses working in medical centers, emergency departments or intensive care units in the public and private sectors. Nursing students can also participate.

The event will take place on Tuesday, August 15, in the El Seibo auditorium of the hospital. It’s free and places are limited. In addition, certificates approved by the Ministry of Health will be issued.

Those wishing to participate should register at the following link: bit.ly/3qa2Loy

Some of the topics that will be covered are the general features of epilepsy and the role of caring for patients with this disorder. Videos of clinical cases and exchange of experience with specialists in this disease will also be presented.

The following specialists in the field of neurology will work on dissertations:

Roberto Caraballo. He is Vice President of the World League Against Epilepsy and Consultant at the Juan Garrajan Children’s Hospital.

Alberto Espeche. He is Vice President of the Argentine League Against Epilepsy (LACE) and Head of the Neurological Department of the Salta Mother and Child Hospital.

Gabriela Reyes. He is an employee of the neurological service of the Juan Garrajan Children’s Hospital.

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