Eros Ramazzotti portrays Leonardo DiCaprio

famous italian singer Eros Ramazzottiwho has sung love melodies countless times, seems to be applying his sentimental knowledge to his own life.. With 59 years under his belt, Ramazzotti surprised by revealing his relationship with Delilah Gelsomino, a 34-year-old. While the age difference shouldn’t be a shocking issue in the 21st century, society was quick to voice its opinions and judgments about this union, declaring that the interpreter of songs like “Emotion Forever” and “The Most Beautiful Thing” became “Leonardo DiCaprio”. “, having an affair with a woman who is 25 years younger than him.

Eros Ramazzotti and Delilah Gelsomino

Adjectives like “puma” and “old green tail” have flooded social media and the tabloids, turning Ramazzotti’s novel into a hot and controversial topic.. While he’s not the first artist to have a generational romance, the critics have been relentless. Aware of the scrutiny and scathing comments surrounding his new relationship, Ramazzotti decided to confirm his romance with Gelsomino while also sharing a message about the love and prejudice surrounding age gap couples.

Manifesto of strong love without barriers

In a post on his Instagram account, the singer expressed his love. “he doesn’t listen to people’s words, he’s deaf, damn deeply stubborn, he’s ageless, he does evil, he does good, he doesn’t hide, he teaches, he grows, sometimes he rages beyond all limits, and he is the dark side of his irrational creatures, it is beautiful, but also unknown, let’s live this love to the end, let’s live it to the end, everything, without fear “, challenging established canons and reaffirming their commitment to a new relationship. The relationship between Eros Ramazzotti and Delilah Gelsomino didn’t develop in the shadows, but it wasn’t love, exposed to camera flashes from the start.. Since the middle of last year, when they were introduced by mutual friends, the romance began to slowly blossom. However, it was last October that the couple was first seen in public at a Ramazzotti birthday party in Cancun, Mexico.

Eros Ramazzotti and Delilah Gelsomino

The New Muse of Eros Ramazzotti

New pair of Ramazzotti. Delilah Gelsomino is 34 years old and has had a varied life. Originally from Milan, she has dabbled in both hospitality and real estate.. Although she started out as a model, she later devoted herself to organizing events in Italy and then moved to Mexico. Their love story defies stereotypes, and she herself shared her appreciation for the singer in an Instagram post, where she noted not only his artistry, but also his special character. “I saw you dedicate your art to 15,000 people, but I also saw you improvise in an empty room. I was the only one in this room. I’m celebrating the end of an epic tour, but above all, I’m celebrating you as a person. Behind the 90 sold-out concerts, there is a special person, more special than you could imagine, knowing him “only” as an artist.”. And I add:You are my great love Now that the hurricane is comingDelilah Gelsomino wrote on her Instagram account, sealing her love with a confession of admiration and resistance to criticism.

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