Escuela Hospital reports diabetic foot, one of the most common complications in diabetic patients.

August 22, 2023 – 12:26 pm

From the Escuela de Agudos Hospital “Dr. Ramon Madariaga informs the public about the diabetic foot: prevention, recommendations, complications. In addition, they remember how ready the Help Center is to treat this common complication in patients with diabetes.

Diabetic foot occurs when there is an insufficient level of glucose in the blood and other factors that often occur in patients with diabetes mellitus: arterial hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, causing damage to blood vessels and nerves, which can cause complications in the medium and long term. It is one of the most common complications and its prevalence varies greatly depending on the treatment.

In this context, Escuela Hospital experts have clarified that vascular, neurological, trauma, support problems may overlap, which may contribute to injury, some deficits in some of these areas. It could also be favorable for the appearance of an ulcer; In addition to trauma, the presence of infection can complicate the picture.”

Recommendations for people with diabetes

Diabetics should have a foot pedal operated by their diabetic or clinician to try and anticipate injury. In many cases, pre-ulcer lesions occur, such as the presence of calluses, fungus on the skin or nails, problems with walking, the use of shoes that cause friction, which can lead to an ulcer, and then to a diabetic foot.

Nail trimming is very important for diabetics, you must be very careful to avoid injury, no matter how small, as it can lead to more serious injury.

In the same vein, experts referred to the outcome of the disease. If diabetic foot occurs, results are mixed; There are patients who are doing well, others are not, which leads to amputation of the lower extremities. It depends on several factors and the speed of the consultation.

Finally, they reminded the public that Diabetologists and other specialists work at Escuela Hospital to ensure comprehensive care for people with diabetes.

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