Established Interagency Public Health Authority – Oaxaca, MX

In order to create common strategies and goals for the improvement of medical care and thereby guarantee the quality of medical care that ensures the well-being of the population.

Among the priority issues discussed during the meeting was the correct use of antibiotics.

Oaxaca de Juarez, Oax. August 22, 2023 – During the first regular session of the State Board of Health of Oaxaca (CESEO), Minister of Health Alma Lilia Velasco Hernandez chaired the creation of the State’s Interdepartmental Office of Public Institutions. Health system.

In his message, he emphasized the importance of teamwork, being organized and maintaining close relationships to join forces to bring about real change in the healthcare system, and to improve the training of workers who are in health centers and hospitals about the correct use of antibiotics.

He called on the members of this organization to intensify actions and interventions to increase the positive outcomes in terms of the well-being of Oaxaca families, mainly those who live in the most remote places.

In his speech, Deputy Director General of the Oaxaca Health Service (SSO), Jesús Alejandro Ramírez Figueroa, introduced the 16 members of this team, which included the Medical Head of the IMSS-Wellbeing Medical Coordination, Counseling and Monitoring Management Group, César Ernesto Ulig Gomez.

As well as the head of the administrative body of Oaxaca, Julio Mercado Castruita; director of Salina Cruz de Pemex General Hospital Elvia López Rodriguez; medical representative of the Institute for Security and Social Services for Public Servants (ISSSTE), Carlos Bautista Leyva; With the rank of brigadier general, he graduated from the commander of the General Staff of the twenty-eighth military zone, Rosalino Barrios Barrios.

Chief of Public Health, Secretary of the Navy, Lieutenant Antonia López Vasquez; director of the Highly Specialized Regional Hospital of Oaxaca (HRAEO), Alba Vasquez Palacios; Director General of the State Council for the Prevention and Control of AIDS (COESIDA) Maria del Pilar Nava Ramirez and others.

Subsequently, Maria Eugenia Lozano Torres, technical secretary of the National Health Council for Wellbeing, protested to the members of the Command and called for them to work together to identify areas of opportunity that would help achieve better results. implementation of health strategies and programs.

It should be noted that the activities of this body are: analysis of resources and staffing needs to improve operational efficiency and the ability to provide services in epidemiological emergencies, vaccination against COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance, non-COVID healthcare.

Strengthening epidemiological surveillance with a focus on the severe respiratory disease network, the prevention of health-related infections, integrated maternal care, the prevention of maternal and perinatal deaths, and the hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS containment and elimination network.


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