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At the event, held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the new Managing Director of the University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC) spoke among other members of the leadership of the Ministry and the SCS. , Adasat Goya González and the new head of the Sanitary Service of Lanzarote, Pablo Eguia del Río, who also join their new positions.

During her speech, the Minister of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands said that with these appointments the organizational structure of her department was completed, and she emphasized the professionalism and efficiency of the new leadership positions, which she encouraged to work on further improvement. the benefits provided are available to Canarian citizens in all areas of care.

Esther Monson also added that “the experience of each of the people who make up the organizational structure of the Ministry of Health and the dialogue with the Canarian health sector must come together to guarantee, on the one hand, the best medical care.” for patients and, on the other hand, better conditions for SCS employees.”

New high positions

Rafael Luis Martín Dominguez, Director of the Tenerife Health Zone

Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of La Laguna. Instituto de Empresa Executive Management Program at IE Business School. In his professional career he worked as a packaging plant manager in Tenerife for the island company Simpromi. He also worked as Cleanup and Environmental Management Manager for Prezero Waste Management at Ferrovial Services, Property Registry Officer and Property Registry Settlement Department. In the field of teaching, he has taught courses in personal administration, accounting and administrative staff organized by ICFEM and MBA La Laguna.

Esther Machin Henriquez, Director of the Lanzarote Health Zone

A professional travel agency technician, he has also received training in the creation and management of trips and events. He developed his professional career in the private business sector related to the promotion of travel and tourism destinations of products made in the Canary Islands. In this sector, he has worked for Viajes Timanfaya, Distribuciones LYC and Degustaciones Canarias among other companies. He also participated in promotions and advertising campaigns of the Lanzarote Island Council.

Cecilia Sanchez Rodriguez, Director of La Palma Medical Center

Senior Technician for Administration and Finance. He has additional training in the specialties of admissions, clinical information and documentation, occupational risk prevention, and regulation of administrative procedures. Throughout his professional career, he has worked as an administrative assistant in various public and private organizations such as the Canary Islands Health Service and the Council of the Island of La Palma, where until now he has been part of the Infrastructure Service.

Eva Ravelo Gonzalez, Director of La Gomera Medical Center

Degree in Pedagogy from the University of La Laguna (ULL). Senior Technician for Early Childhood Education at IES Orotava and Sociocultural Monitor at CIP La Laguna. Between 2005 and 2020, she took courses on psychological crisis intervention and on creating tools for creating web-based educational materials at ULL. He has studied psychosocial occupational risk prevention, administrative assistant, child and disabled activity activation, office automation, and English for customer service. In recent years, she has worked as a child education technician for the City Council of Valle Gran Rey.

Adasat Goya Gonzalez, Director of the University Hospital of the Canary Islands

Degree in Economics from the University of La Laguna. Opponent of the scale of national authorized auditor-treasurers in local government administrations in the 2006 procedure. Second-year student of the bachelor of business administration and management (currently). In his professional career, since 2007, he has served as an advisor for municipal services at El Sauzal. In the political field, from 2007 to 2023, he held the positions of adviser for economics and finance, police, civil protection, transport and the Municipal Company in El Sausal City Hall. The stevedore of the Tenerife ports at Sestife CPE has been the coordinator of the Tenerife container terminal since 2006.

Pablo Egia del Rio, Manager of the Sanitary Service of Lanzarote

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Basque Country. Medical specialist in neurology, family and community medicine. Master in Corporate Communications Management from EAE Business School. He completed the Health Sector Management and Innovation program at IE Business School. He was president of the Canarian Society of Neurology and a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Neurology. Since 2008, he has worked as a Neurologist and Head of Neurology at the Dr. José Molina Oros Hospital and as a Neurologist at the Dr. Negrin University Hospital in Gran Canaria, although he previously worked at different levels of care such as primary care and hospital. Emergencies. Fellow-Educator for Neuroscience Training and Principal Investigator for various multiple sclerosis studies.

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