Eva Sola, after blowing it up with versions of Rosalía, Miley Cyrus and Shakira, now launch their first own song | Music

Albert Sola is a producer, composer and musician from Barcelona who one fine day crossed his path with that of Eva Menendeza composer, singer and pianist from the same city.

After coinciding in several concerts, in 2022, they decide to come together to create a common project that they call eva alonea game with their names and surnames.

First they tried to post versions on social networks. they sang the same Anthony Love of Tom Odellthat Flowers of Miley Cyrus, Monotony of Shakira, The bachata of Manuel Turizo either get rid of of rosalia.

Versions that always lead to their terrain that moves between pop and electronics, but with clear influence of folk, soul and even jazz. Immediately they start to rock it on social networks and their followers increase with each version they share.

own project

But now it’s time to take another step in your project and launch Tiny, the first single as Eva Sola. “Talk about the power that love has to drive away sorrows and make everything relative in difficult times. The love of those “vitamin” people that we have in our lives who are there when we need it most”, they explained in their networks about the song.

They have created it together with their label Ruidosanto and their producers Go&Jo —triple platinum record in Mexico with poppies of Leo Rizzi—. In fact, Rizzi has already sung an acoustic version of the song with them.

Support from Leo Rizzi

There is a good relationship between them, in fact, one of the first versions they shared on Instagram was from heal it from the singer. “good noise is coming…… what a beautiful duo, thanks for this version I love you ❤️‍🩹”, he told them at that time. And he was not wrong, because now they come making a good noise.

The video clip of Tiny it was shot in California under the direction of Alex Massot and Koyjo. “It’s been a super intense few days in LA, we haven’t quite digested that such incredible things are happening to us in such a short time. And what’s coming is 🤐💯 Thank you for wanting to be part of all this”, they said during that trip.

And this is only the beginning.

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