Eva Yerbabuena, today in Flamenco at Soho Málaga

“Flamenco in Soho”, the Green Cow Music cycle at the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank in Málaga will have its second date in 2023 today, Wednesday, March 8, with the bailaora Eva Yerbabuena.

The artist reaches the cultural space of Málaga with the show that she names with her own artistic surname, “Good herb”: a show that according to herself is “unique and, at the same time, a thousand shows”. The last entries for this appointment, practically sold out, are available through the space website, at all El Corte Inglés points of sale or at the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank box office.

Today, March 8, Women’s Day, the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank in Málaga will dress in flamenco in a feminine key, to receive the unique dancer Eva Yerbabuena. A great international reference point for flamenco, critics have come to say that she “she is a visionary and masterful bailaora” (The Guardian) or what is “touched by greatness” (The Times).

Honorary Member of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain, Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, National Dance Award, winner of 10 Max Awards and Andalusia Medal, among many other distinctions, such as those received at unequaled events such as the Festival de Jerez or the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, the artist will reach the cycle organized by Green Cow Music in Soho with “Yerbabuena”.

Eva’s mastery, talent and experience are precisely the characteristics that allow the choreographer, always accompanied by music created and performed by Paco Jarana, filter in this show, “Yerbabuena”, all his feelings and wisdom and adapt them to each space, each moment, each stage. In “Yerbabuena” we find ourselves before the bailaora in her most sincere essence, in a perfect mix of her tradition with the most singular of her timeless, versatile and eternal art.

There are those who define this production as a journey through the multitude of choreographies that the artist has created since the beginning of the 2000s, but rather it is a sample of how Eva Yerbabuena coexists on stage with flamenco, wanting to show the public what it is like for her to relive her first experimentation with a specific club, her reflections and studies on everything she has experienced throughout her career, or her search among different experiences that have enriched her. All of this and more can be found throughout “Yerbabuena”.

Flamenco in Soho, an appointment with mastery and avant-garde

With this new appointment for tomorrow, March 8, Green Cow Music and Teatro del Soho Caixabank in Malaga go ahead with the III edition of “Flamenco in Soho”an appointment destined to enjoy flamenco, with leading figures on the music and dance scene, artists ranging from the vanguard of this art, to great masters of its history, a commitment to flamenco that has already been attended by stars of Andalusian art, such as Antonio Canales, Rocío Márquez and Bronquio, Farruquito, La Lupi, Israel Fernández, Estrella Morente, El Pele, Duquende, Mayte Martín, Daniel Casares and Lin Cortés.

Now, will follow Eva Yerbabuena, throughout this first semester of 2023, and in chronological order, performances by iconic national flamenco artists, such as Manuel Liñán, Antonio Reyes, José del Tomate, Dorantes, Antonio Fernández Montoya “Farru”, Martirio and Chano Domínguez Trio.

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