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It is well known that the Zócalo in Mexico City It is not only one of the most emblematic places in the city, but it has also become one of the most important stages in the world of music.

Given this, There are several artists who have performed in recent years and have had great success, which reaffirms the affection that people have for them.

These are some of the artists who have filled the Zócalo.

firm group

Until nowthe record with the highest attendance in the Plinth Grupo Firme has it, which managed to summon 280 thousand people who attended to sing the group’s hits.

Vicente Fernandez

It was in 2009 when Vicente Fernández managed to gather 220 thousand people in the Zócalo, He was the one who held the record until in 2022 Grupo Firme dethroned him.

Shakira and Justin Bieber

In third placethe two singers take this place, since both had a total of 210 thousand fans gathered in the place, only that Shakira was in her 2007 presentation and Justin Bieber in 2012.

Paul McCartney and Roger Waters

The two iconic music they take the fourth place having managed to have a total of 200 thousand people in their respective shows.

Cafe Tacvba

In 2005, the Mexican band Café Tacvba managed to fill the capital’s Zócalo with 170,000 fans.

The Northern Tigers

Before Grupo Firme was presented in 2022, Lhe Tigres del Norte celebrated the national holidays on September 15 and had 130,000 people there.

Many more artists have had their presentations in the Zócalo, but these are some that have managed to have a large number of fans gathered in the place.

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