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Netflix has anticipated that it will begin filming a series starring Robert De Niro who will also be the executive producer of the program. The conspiracy thriller miniseries will have Eric Newman (Narcos) and Noah Oppenheim (Jackie) as showrunners. The details of the plot and the characters have not yet been revealed, but some detail was revealed to create the right climate.

The famous interpreter of “Raging Bull” and “Taxi Driver” will debut as the protagonist of a television series with “Zero Day”, a suspense thriller that will soon join the Netflix series catalog.

“Zero Day,” according to its official synopsis, “asks the question on everyone’s mind: how do we find the truth in a world in crisis, one seemingly torn apart by forces beyond our control? And in an age rife with conspiracy theories and subterfuge, how many of those forces are the product of our own doing, perhaps even our own imagination?”

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To help solve this enigma we will have De Niro as the former president of the United States. The role will be the first leading role on television for the two-time Oscar winner, recognized for his many appearances in Martin Scorsese’s gangster films and for his iconic role in ‘”The Godfather 2″, considered one of the best films of the history.

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Lesli Linka Glatter will be the director of the 6 episodes of the series. She has a background in political thriller and has been a part of “Mad Men'” and “Homeland”. She also directed episodes of “Twin Peaks” and “The Walking Dead'” as well as Elizabeth Olsen’s upcoming series “Love & Death.”

Not in a leading role but as a special guest, Robert De Niro will be in “Nothing”, the series starring Luis Brandoni directed by the Cohn Duprat duo

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