Expert advice on how to restore the skin after the summer

After summer, it is normal to feel more fragile, damaged and dry skin and hair. Returning to your healthy state is possible if you follow a series of simple tips.

“ANDsun, air, heat and exposure to chemicals such as chlorine, sea ​​salt or soap “too aggressive”, they can damage the skin and hair,” explains Marta Alcalde, member of the Dermofarmacia y Productos Sanitarios del College of Pharmacists of Barcelona (COFB). Given these factors, Thomas Muret Ramon, member of the Dermofarmacia del Official College of Pharmacists of the Balearic Islands (Cofib)add two more products: on the skin and hair “dietary changesbecause in the summer they drink more fat and alcohol, “and only in their hair”hairstyles for wet hair“.

For all these reasons, we often notice that the skin is “more dehydrated and drythicker and more prone to peeling“, says the mayor. In addition, if they have not received adequate protection, “it is also possible that spots.”

In the case of people who have psoriasis, acne or a similar pathology in which exposure to the sun can improve the situation, “may be reversed after the end of summer,” the experts add.

In the hair The effects of the previously explained factors are as follows:Texture modification, dehydrationincrease in fragility, color loss and flexibilityetc., as well as itching at the level of the scalp,” comments the national member of the pharmaceutical company Dermopharmacia.

Skin Care Tips

Muret points out that due to the changes taking place in skin care in the summer, it is necessary to “restore healthy habits: skin care, balanced nutrition, exercise…”. A member of Cofib notes that for healthy skin, this procedure should be performed in three steps: “Hygiene, moisturizing and sun protection.”complemented by special weekly procedures.

According to Eduardo Senante, a pharmacist from Zaragoza, “The first tip is to take it step by step. the changes don’t have to be drastic.” He aims to gradually introduce active ingredients and creams.”

At the stage of hygiene facial cleansing is the first step to take“With products suitable for our skin type, and this should be done in the morning and evening, and finally we tone the skin to balance it, refresh it and close the pores,” Myure points out.

In this sense, the Senante recalls that “you need to use cleansers that help compensate for dehydration of the skin, so they will be soft and without detergents. The active ingredients we use, in addition, should “help maintain skin barrier, so hyaluronic acid, niacidamine and ceramides will be used.”

For his part, the Mayor notes that, first of all, it is necessary touse an exfoliatorwhich, depending on the type of skin, will be used more or less often.

For moisturizing, Muret recommends using: In addition to a moisturizer, you can use a supplement such as serum or blistersaccording to every skin type. moisturizing products applied to the skin mustcontain humectants and are rich in lipids such as soybean, olive, rosehip oil…” Alcalde explains.

For the skins that were more exposed to the sunMaybe usecosmetics with a high proportion of antioxidants How Vitamin C And AND this will help eliminate free radicals and repair some of the damaged structures, ”comments the COFB specialist. If we observe that spots appear on our skin, “in order to eliminate them, it is necessary to carry out a depigmentation procedure,” Alcalde clarifies.

Finally, to take care of our skin, all the experts recommend use of sunscreen during a year.

Spots and pimples after sunburn

After summer, the appearance of more pronounced spots and mimic wrinkles also often appears. To solve such problems, the Senante advises “the use of ingredients such as retinoids in combination with alpha hydroxy acidssuch as glycolic acid, which will help us remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.”

In addition, he advises using antioxidants in the morning to “prevent environmental damage after summer.”

If, in addition to these problems, pimples appear on the skin Senante’s advice is:usesr lighter moisturizers and ingredients such as salicylic acid.which will help unclog pores and eliminate oil. It can also be combined with retinoids to help rejuvenate the skin and azelaic acid to help relieve skin swelling and reduce inflammation.”

Summer hair care tips

To tidy up our hair, we can follow the following procedures, products and tips:

  • Use shampoos with certain characteristics. Muret reports that they contain neutral pH and the Mayor remarks that they should be”mild, with “lubricating” active ingredients to replenish lost lipids.
  • Apply masks. The COFB member recommends using a “nourishing mask instead of conditioner.” For his part, Muret advises to opt for serum or oils. If our hair is very dry and damaged, Alcalde recommends using rinse-off conditioners.
  • Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer or flat iron.and if you use them, apply heat protection first “It forms a film around the hair, making it easier for the brush to glide and therefore improving the hairstyle,” explains Alcalde.

To the advice above, a member of Cofib Dermofarmacia adds the following:

  • A haircutto remove the damaged part and trim the ends.
  • Comb your hair with matching brushes And don’t pick it up when it’s wet.
  • take nutricosmeticsnutritional supplements that for three months can help “restore and maintain the health of our hair.”

other tips

Muret recommends “taking healthy lifestyleA healthy and balanced dietfulfill sport And avoid smoking and alcohol“. The mayor advises to have ” good oral fluid intake, as well as high intake of fresh foods in the diet and use nutritional supplements based on vitamins TO,BC, D. and E and more specific minerals such as calciumzinc, iron And magnesium“.

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