Fan composes the song that Selena Gomez should dedicate to Hailey Bieber

The Internet continues to freak out about the drama that has existed for years between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber, and many are convinced that the singer should already compose a song against the model, and a TikTok fan already did it for her, and it went viral.

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Fan composes the song that Selena Gomez should dedicate to Hailey Bieber

The TikTok user, Eva Grace (@imevagrace), was the one who composed the lyrics of the song that tells the drama between the famous, and that Selena supposedly should dedicate to Hailey.

This girl put herself in Selena’s shoes, she imagined what a song would be like in which the singer recounts all the negative things Hailey has done against her, from taking away her boyfriend, making fun of her and her unhealthy obsession.

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The song doesn’t mention Hailey, but the lyrics make it very clear that it’s referring to her:

I know you’re jealous that I managed to make my name without a man. It’s like you have a fetish to copy me any way you can.”, says the first translated stanza.

Other fans have used the song to create their own videos and illustrate the scenes it describes in the lyrics. The song continues:

From the shows, to the clothes, to the phrases and even the boyfriend. You may take their money, but you’re still a cheap version”.

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5 days after this song was shared, it already has more than 2,000 videos that use background sound, with images of awkward moments between celebrities, or strange parodies.

Eva Grace has not finished the entire song and has only shared snippets of the song in different TikTok videos; However, her fans do not stop asking her to finish it, which she has promised to do soon.

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