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“This world is a path to another, which is a home without regrets; it is more important to have common sense in order to go this way without making mistakes. We leave when we are born, we go while we live, and we come to when we die, so when we die we rest.” (“Songs for the Death of a Father”, Jorge Manrique).

The month of July is marked by the death of great personalities, especially from the world of culture, entertainment and sports.

On July 9, one of the legends of Spanish football, our only Ballon d’Or, left us, who, in addition to shining as a midfielder in the teams he played for, led the national team, in which he made his debut as a player in 1957. : Luis Suarez He died in Milan at the age of 88.

“You Only Live Once”, “Beauty and Power” or “The Passion” are just some of the soap operas (they have not yet been called series) in which the American actress has triumphed Andrea Evans who also died on 9 July at the age of 66. as a result of breast cancer. He had to give up acting to avoid death threats from a stalker.

Who has never said that about “the unbearable lightness of being”? Another thing is that everyone has reached the end of what is considered a masterpiece Milan Kundera. The Czech writer, who has other works besides The Unbearable Lightness of Being, such as The Book of Ridiculous Love, The Joke or The Feast of Nothingness, died on July 11 at the age of 94.

On July 15, a whole generation of Spaniards lost one of the memories of their childhood. Since that day pencils and brushes Francisco Ibanez They didn’t paint another stroke. Ibanez passed away at the age of 87but he doesn’t die at all, because “Mortadelo and Filemon”, “Pepe Gotera and Otilio”, “Rompetejos” or “El Boton Sacarino” They will forever remain alive in our comics and in our memory.

“I’ve never seen red, yellow, orange or green, only greens that match my grey-green or blue-green eyes,” she admitted when asked about her favorite colors. Jane Birkin She died on July 16, after 16 years of illness, at the age of 76. She was a pop paradigm, controversial actress and model who was honored to have a bag model named after her.

In a world where we’re concerned about cyber security, we couldn’t ignore death. Kevin Mitnick the most famous hacker in history. Known as the Condor, Mitnick spent four years in federal prison after stealing software from Digital Equipment Corporation. As a teenager, he had already hacked into the computer system of the US Aerospace Defense Command. He died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 59 on Sunday 16 July.

He has been on stage for over 70 years. He has received 20 Grammy Awards, 2 Emmy Awards and has sold over 50 million records. “The Way You Look Tonight”, “Body and Soul” and “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” are just some of his most famous tracks. Tony Bennet passed away at the age of 96.July 21, when he still had projects and concerts to celebrate.

On the same day that the voice of Anthony Dominic Bennett (Tony Bennett) disappeared, in Spain we were surprised by the news of the death Martha Chavarri, that she was found dead in her home in Madrid at the age of 62. The former Marquise de Cubas y Lady España was one of the most powerful women in Spanish high society in the 1990s.

Sinead O’Connor she couldn’t get over the death of her son Shane. “I am lost without my son, the light of my life,” she wrote on her social media a few days before her death on July 26 at the age of 56. The Irish singer, music star of the 1990s, lived a busy life with extreme and drastic changes during which she starred in more than one scandal.

Founder and bassist The Eagles also left us on 26 July. Randy Meisner he formed the band in 1971 with Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Bernie Leadon. While on tour with the Hotel California album, Meisner suffered stress and left The Eagles in September 1977.

The month ended with the sad news of the death of the American actor known for his role as Fesco in the TV series Euphoria. Angus Cloud, only 25 years old. Angus was Hollywood’s promise.

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