FASHION: Sfera’s guest outfit that looks like a red carpet and already has a waiting list

We have already talked about how much low cost firms are inspired by luxury ones. In fact, in recent days we have signed several dupes like these Zara shoes that are identical to those of Gucci. However, the favorite of the moment is

a set of spheres that reminds us of several looks from the

Red carpet.

If we start to think about the best red carpet looks, some Chanel by Penélope Cruz, Met outfits by Blake Lively, Givenchy Couture by Cate Blanchett or Versace worn by Angelina Jolie in 2012 come to mind. .

Now, if we take into account outfits that have recently passed through the red carpets, we have to mention the set of

Taylor Swift with a pink skirt and an orange Versace crop top that she wore at the 2016 Latin Grammys and which soon went viral.

A style that he wore before

emeraude toubia and that we see later in different versions to other celebrities like

zendaya. The actress went to the Critics’ Choice Awards with a pink set with a statuesque top that caused a sensation and was signed by Tom Ford.

A trend that has been confirmed with outfits such as

Laura Escanes, who chose a much more wearable version to attend a friend’s wedding as a guest. It was a two-piece dress, a crop top and a flared skirt, from Avellaneda that she also liked a lot.

This is how Sfera’s guest look looks.

And, how could it be otherwise, low-cost firms have signed this trend and have not been slow to release a cheap copy for sale that is perfect so that you can also try how well a look of this style feels and you can succeed at your next event.

and that has been

sphere. The brand has already updated its new collection with ideal proposals for spring and, specifically, for the guests who are already looking for the best style. And yes, there is a look that seems to be inspired by these iconic red carpet outfits that we told you about.

It is a two-piece made up of a turned-up skirt, with a high waist, which is made of a thick satin fabric that makes it stand out. Costs

€59.99 and it was available in three sizes: XS, S and M. And we speak in the past tense because it already appears as sold out on the firm’s website.

The top, for its part, is a bandeau-style design similar to the one worn by celebrities that has stitching details that define the shape of the chest and that you can buy for

€35.99. And yes, it’s also out of stock. Are you also looking forward to being replaced?

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