Featherweight Musical Knockout Takes Bad Bunny to Canvas

A battle of the titans is brewing in front of millions of listeners on the musical arena. bad rabbitthe undefeated monarch of the reggaeton heavyweights, dons gloves to protect his musical scepter from a rare rival, A light weightwhich brings with it a wild style, the product of a mixture of sierreño and a trap that lets the corrido lie.

Bad Bunny, with its haunting sonic arsenal that has dominated the pop charts in recent years, seems to have an irresistible combination that no one dares to challenge. But the Mexican wants to get this title and enters the musical ring of Mexico with the determination of a fighter ready for anything.

The call of 2023 starts the first round: January. El Conejo malo opens with a series of brutal strikes: 37 chart hits, jabs and well-placed uppercuts, but the Zapopan native dodges deftly, counterattacking with nine strong singles, including his single song “Por las noches”. , which he quickly hits 14 million streams on Spotify, an impressive success for an aspiring fighter.

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With “AMG”, Featherweight has set off a hook that is turning audiences around. In the second round, in February, Bad Bunny drops his output to 25 hits and PP throws 11. The fight is closer than anyone could have imagined, with only 18 million threads difference. There is a sense of nervousness in the corner of Bad Bunny; The success of “AMG” was not a fluke, but rather a combination that included another uppercut, “PRC”, also backed by Nathanael Cano. With these direct hits, he has 93 million views, leaving a rumble in the ears of the Mexicans.

The third round, March, promises to be a battle of the titans. Bad Bunny stands guard, blocks and launches furious combos with J Balvin, Gorillaz, Bomba Estereo and even Julieta Venegas (all from other genres). But Featherweight responds with a devastating uppercut: “Ella baila sola”, officially released on March 17th. He does not stop there, he repeats the shrapnel punishment of hits: “PRC”, “AMG”, “El Azul” and “Night”, making the ropes of the ring ring.

The audience is shocked: Bad Bunny appears on the canvas for the first time. His corner is gearing up to launch in April “unx100to”, a local song in regional Mexican that he’s launching with Grupo Frontera. This high defense is a sleight of hand: the reggaetonero foray into Mexico gives it a breather, generating 38 million streams for it despite its late release (April 17). But the Mexican’s counter-attacks are unstoppable, El Azul, China, AMG and Chanel are devastating, adding two more hits: the well-known Ella Baila Sola, at the top of the charts with 93.3. million copies, and when everyone believed that there were no more, he launches “La bebé”, which was released a few weeks ago, but with which the Mexican is now turning the charts by venturing into reggaeton recommended by Ing Levkas.

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Everything boils until the sixth round, June. Bad Bunny and Frontera are reclaiming global audiences, but Featherweight continues to add sound hits in Mexico: 34 hits on Spotify versus 24 on Bad Bunny. “unx100to” defense doesn’t seem enough, Bad Bunny feels the fury of “El azul”, “La bebé”, “AMG”, “At night”, “Bye”, “Chanel”, “Las morras”, “El zurito”, “Igualito” ah mi apa”… many punishments!

He got it! Bad Bunny on canvas: 1, 2, 3, 4…! The Puerto Rican gains strength and stands up with Where Does She Go, but Featherweight gets her another hit: Music Session Volume 55 with Bzrp, that’s another 57.9 million streams, the second success of the month for which Bad Bunny can’t stand up : His 24 views can’t stand up to the Mexican’s 34 views for a total of 369 million plays.

The last bell of June rings, and a new featherweight champion. Bad Bunny is still on the canvas, but it is known that for a short time the fight in the ring is waiting for a rematch, after which no one knows which way he will turn.

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