Ferrari: famous banned | The black list of celebrities banned by Ferrari: from Justin Bieber to Nicolas Cage

There are celebrities who, although they can buy a Ferrari economically, cannot do so. Something that in principle makes no sense, but which is the consequence of a blacklist of celebrities that the Italian brand, unofficially, has decided to deprive them of driving their luxurious cars, according to the US portal Bussiness Insider.

It is the brand itself that decides the people who are qualified to take their vehicles, and also the celebrities who have been banned after some behaviors that they have not liked.

Justin Bieber

This is the case of Justin Bieber, who drove his Ferrari 458 drunk and forgot where it was parked. The singer was looking for him for almost two weeks. In addition, they consider that he has made a series of changes to other models that are vulgar for the brand image.

Curtis James Jackson

Curtis James Jackson, better known as the rapper 50cent, has given the brand several reasons to provoke his anger. In his personal Instagram account, he pointed out that he no longer wanted his 488 and was going to buy a Smart. He also shot a few pictures cleaning his Ferrari with champagne.

Nicolas Cage

The prestigious actor had to part with his Ferrari Enzo to pay some personal debts. Apparently, he didn’t like that I sold it for less than its original value.

Chris Harris

Chris Harris, presenter and automotive influencer, became famous for participating in the Top Gear program. He has been banned from Ferrari since he published an article called ‘How Ferrari Turns’, where he stated that the models were optimized to look better in testing.


In 2013, Joel Tomas Zimmerman, known as Deadmau 5, touched up his Ferrari 458 Spider and his eccentricities were not liked. They asked him to leave the car as it was, but the Canadian DJ and producer ignored it and Ferrari even considered suing him for image damage.

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