Ferxxo: Kimberly Loaiza, Karina Ramos and Sharon Segura lived the concert in style

Feid shone on the night of this March 11, in the first of his two concerts in Parque Viva, in Guácima de Alajuela. The Colombian took almost 20,000 people to the limit of his emotions and offered a varied, energetic show with which he kept his fans singing and dancing.

Several well-known faces of the Costa Rican show business were present at this first installment of the long-awaited concert, where public figures such as Kimberly Loaiza, Karina Ramos and Sharon Segura stand out.

We show you here some photographs of the celebrities who danced and enjoyed the Ferxxo concert yesterday at Parque Viva:

Sharon Segura and her boyfriend Daniel attended the concert with a fairly large group of friends, including the model Joha Yepes and the soccer player Carlos Hernandez. They enjoyed the show to the fullest.

Former Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos was also present. In her look, of course, the famous Ferxxo glasses could not be missing. She together with a friend of hers (according to what she uploaded to her social networks) she had a great time.

The host Keyla Sánchez only shared a photo of the concert on her networks, but that she was, she was. The television presenter sang and took advantage of this show to distract herself for a while, with a outfits denim and a green top.

The always beautiful María Teresa Rodríguez escaped to Parque Viva with her boyfriend, Alex. This television presenter used a rather striking outfit, ideal for the occasion.

Kimberly Loaiza won with her makeup: the much-loved and well-remembered ex-combatant looked incredible for Feid’s concert.

Meanwhile, Brenda Muñoz, Miss Grand Costa Rica 2022 and renowned influencer, did not save anything. Similarly, the model Catalina Murillo also sang Ferxxo’s most hits live.

This Sunday, March 12, is the second date that Ticos will be able to enjoy this show at Parque Viva.

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