fill the club with stockings in just 10 games with these goals

We can get up to 15 players with a rating of 85+.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Fill the club with stockings in just 10 games with these goals
So we can fill the club with stockings in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team in just 10 games with these goals.

The third and final werewolf team has arrived in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to round out the event, bringing a lot of new content. In chapter Squad Trials we have DC’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and the seventh Shapeshifter Challenge. On the other hand, in goals we find even more things.

If we move on to this section, we will see that stay Claudio Bravo Metamorpho missions (including an insured TOTS envelope and another one of those green cards) or the one that rewards us with a special player with a rating of 94. To all this, new daily login goals have been added, some goals have been added that will give us a lot of experience for the season pass, and finally it has been introduced Gavi right back.

If this is not enough for us, we still have another group of missions that will reward us with very juicy envelopes. These are the ones that make up the Goal Shapeshifter cup that is completed. play in a friendly match of the same name. This is a great opportunity to fill out our club by completing the challenges that we will tell you about below.

How to pass the Goal Shapeshifter Cup

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Fill the club with stockings in just 10 games with these goals

Werewolf Cup Goals

As we noted earlier, you need to play a friendly Werewolf Cup in order to complete these challenges. only two requirements this room that we can’t use more than 1 player for rent and that we have to use 3 maps of the Metamorpho version. We leave you below what each mission and its reward is about.

  • Play 5 matches: 1 pack of 2 players 83+*.
  • Win 1 match: 1 set of 3 players 83+.
  • Win 5 matches: 1 set of 3 players 85+.
  • Win 7 matches: 1 pack of 7 players 84+.
  • Win 10 matches: 1 set of 5 players 85+.

At the end of all these missions we will reach another envelope More than better than all of the above. It contains 10 players with a minimum rating of 85. With such a pack, we buy a lot of ballots to get a special letter.

However, even if the envelope does not turn out quite right, we get many stockings for all SBCs which are included in the last weeks. We must take into account that in order to reach all these players, only we have to win 10 games a week in which every day we have 5 tries. In other words, the difficulty is very low for the amount of reward these challenges give.

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