Films by Jonás Cuarón, the director of Chupa

Although her last name might be a clue to what her job stands for, Jonas Cuaron He is a filmmaker who has sought to create under his own rules. Son of the renowned director Alfonso Cuaron and actress Mariana Elizondo, Jonás finds himself at the center of the entertainment world today, as his latest project with Netflix has endowed him with the kind of fame that only fuels interest in his career and his promising future.

Director of** Desert** studied at Vassar College, New York, so it is clear that in addition to his family legacy —not only is he son of Alfonso Cuaronhe is also the grandson of the avant-garde writer Salvador Elizondo—, the Mexican is ready to succeed.

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Mexican filmmaker Jonás Cuarón.

And although the filmography of Jonas Cuarón is relatively short—yet—has recently been illuminated by the brilliance of suck and the expectation surrounding Bad Bunny’s debut in the world of superheroes, with the launch of The dead.

Jonas Cuaron’s films

Nail Year (2017)

His debut as a writer, director and editor brought to life Year Nailfrom 2017. An impossible love story that brings together the young American Molly and the Mexican teenager Diego in a summer adventure that even made it to the screens at the Venice Film Festival and won recognition at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

Gravity (2013)

Although the multi-awarded Gravityfrom 2013, is the work of Alfonso Cuaron. Jonas Cuaron He was in charge of creating the script, a fact already deserving of recognition, taking into account that he won the Oscar for his father in the Best Director category in 2014.

Desert (2015)

Starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Desert burst in at the right moment, with a story that paints the lives of Mexican migrants seeking to reach US territory. Of course, the popularity of the tape only increased with the anti-immigrant discourse that Donald Trump was in charge of imposing back in 2015.

z (2018)

Once again as director and screenwriter Jonas Cuaron turned to Gael García Bernal to star in the reboot of Zorro in a post-apocalyptic version.

suck (2023)

Courtesy of Netflix

Evan Whitten as Alex in Chupa

Inspired by the legend of the chupacabra and with a powerful argument about “the creation of your personal legend”, in the words of Netflix. suck It’s just the latest hit Jonas Cuaronone of the unmissable novelties in the catalog of the streaming platform. The film follows Alex (evan Whitten) on his journey towards Mexican culture, wrestling and local mysticism, a tribute full of tenderness, adventure and winks towards friendship.

The dead (soon)

Although there are few details about its official premiere. It is expected that The deadstarring Bad Bunny hit theaters in 2024, however, rumors have recently surfaced about the status of the film from Jonas CuaronBecause it is known that filming has not yet begun, the Puerto Rican even joked about his possible replacement.

Short films by Jonás Cuarón

aningaaq (2013)

He spin-off of **gravity **starring Sandra Bullock and directed by Jonas Cuaron is an exciting talk about dogs, babies, life and death, all in 7 minutes. As an extension of the adventure filmed by her father, the short film captures a conversation between the protagonist Ryan Stone and an Inuit fisherman camping on the ice.

The Shock Doctrine (2009)

In this short film, Jonás Cuarón rescues Naomi Klein’s book. A flim which “explains how governments manage crises and disasters to bring about a state of shock in the population that justifies curtailing freedoms and expanding globalizing capitalism” — FILMAFFINITY.

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