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Chili peppers have several types and presentations.

Product. Chili peppers have several types and presentations.

He chilli This main food in the kitchen EcuadorianThis fruit, shaped like a small pepper and reddish and orange in color, has spread throughout the world. seasonal products.

Its spicy taste comes from a substance called capsaicinwhich causes irritation to the palate.

And although mass consumption of its most powerful variant may lead to stomach ache and even gastroenteritis, chili pepper has properties analgesic and anticancer.

This has been demonstrated Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, who conducted a study on more than 50,000 people and concluded that people who ate spicy foods at least twice a week experienced mortality 10% less than those who did not.

chilli, especially its spicy version, is a product with numerous properties due to its high vitamin content. Moreover, outside of its the nutritional value, applied in compresses, it is a remedy for joint diseases, acting as a vasodilator.

One of the main properties attributed to capsaicinIn addition to the burning sensation in the mouth, it is a struggle with cancer. In addition, it also contains Vitamin C in abundance, which is known for its role in preventing the occurrence of tumors. (RMC)

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