Five diseases that can be contracted in the pool if precautions are not taken

People who go to swimming pools often have up to fifty% have more risk infections caused by fungi or bacteriaThis is reported by

He heat And humidity two ideal conditions for spreading all kinds pathogens. And if there is a place where these conditions are created, it is pools.

cystitis, conjunctivitisHe mycosis, otitis wave thrush are, according to experts, the most common infections that swimmers can contract.

Although children, pregnant women and people who have health problems or take certain medicines that reduce the ability of the immune system to fight germs are most at risk for these types of infections. But the truth is that all bathers are subject to themso anyone who regularly visits pools should take precautionary measures to avoid them.

Gestures how to use flip flops If you are going to swim, not staying in a wet swimsuit for a long time or wiping your ears very well, you can avoid infection in the summer. Before they were not severe infectionsbut they can be very annoying and there is always a risk that they complicate.

Below we list the symptoms of these types of infections and the precautions you should take to avoid each one.

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