Five must-see films to celebrate Rachel Weisz

Teresa Garcia Amaro

MEXICO CITY, March 7 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Beyond “The Mummy”, Rachel Weisz has managed to consolidate herself as a complex actress, willing to experiment in other roles far from adventure and fiction films and, celebrating her 53rd birthday, is willing to continue experimenting.

Rachel Hannah Weisz was born in London on March 7, 1970. Her beauty led her to modeling and her leap into acting came organically. She started with small roles on British television and other roles followed, some more significant than others, but which have helped shape her career.

To take a tour of his career, let’s remember five unmissable films within Weisz’s filmography.

1.”The Mummy” (1998)

One of the actors of the moment was Brendan Fraser and Weisz landed the role that would bring him international fame. With her role as “Evelyn Carnahan” she managed to position herself as one of the highest grossing faces in this action and adventure film.

2. “The Constant Gardener” (2005)

With this film, which in Spanish was called “The Constant Gardener”, Weisz won the only Oscar of his career. In the film, he plays an activist who is brutally murdered, while her husband travels to Kenya to find out what happened and, of course, get justice.

3. “The Favourite” (2018)

An Oscar nominee and BAFTA winner for her role in this film, Rachel proved that there is no genre she cannot master. The tape is a conflict for the affection of a sickly monarch that will put two women to fight, with her darkest talents, to be her favorite.

4. “Black Widow” (2021)

Not to forget the action tapes, in the solo film “The Black Widow”, the British actress played the woman who took care of Natasha Romanoff for a while and how they must subdue their ghosts from the past.

5. “The Lovely Bones” (2009)

One of the most heartbreaking characters Weisz has played is that of a mother who lives a year in mourning for the cruel murder of her teenage daughter. Although the story is told from Saoirse Ronan’s point of view, the demands were brutal on each and every one of the characters, especially Stanley Tucci and Mark Wahlberg.

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