Forecast “Manchester United” – “Borussia D”: a friendly match for the national team – 30.07.

He forecast Manchester United vs Dortmund Here. The two teams will face each other after a season that has exceeded expectations but nonetheless ended with a bitter pill over what they could and did not achieve. What do the fees say?

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Manchester United vs Borussia Dortmund Prediction: Best Options for Balón Latino

Final result: victory at Manchester United..

The English team, led by Dutchman Erik Ten Hag, are starting as favorites to win this friendly match hand in hand with their existing stars, so it’s important to show that kind of clarity to the viewer analyzing this note.

Who will score first?: Manchester United.

Based on the previous point, and given that Manchester United could present some extremely interesting faces in attack under Marcus Rashford, it seems logical and natural to think that they will have the opportunity to open the scoring.

Total number of goals? between 2 and 3.

Both teams were among the top scorers in their respective countries last season, and both, moreover, do not stand out for perfect defense. Therefore, it is possible that registrations are part of this obligation.

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FORECAST Manchester United – Borussia Dortmund: key points

  • Manchester United’s season was very regular because when they thought they would be in the top three, the indecisive end to the season ended that opportunity.
  • Dortmund had everything to win the last Bundesliga; however, the equalizer in the last match deprived them of this great opportunity.
  • On the Latin American pitch, Garnacho is expected to have several minutes off the bench while Borussia closed the door on Edson Alvarez over a hypothetical signing.
  • Both teams will be in the next UEFA Champions League so they are expected to have a lot to talk about in this competition.
  • In a history that’s actually not all that great, it’s Manchester United who outperform their German rival.

Manchester United – Dortmund: statistics and previous matches

Friends of the elite club 04.08.19

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UEFA Champions League 23.02.16

Manchester United: Last matches

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Dortmund: last matches

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Friends of the elite club 07/13/23



He Manchester United vs Dortmund contributions So he chooses the quality of the team from England. Yes, it is a reality that Borussia Dortmund were on the verge of winning the last Bundesliga and that they have several elements that stand out in their respective teams.

All numbers remained until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Having said the above and under this panorama, history makes Manchester United win every one of their games, whether they are official or friendly, so they enter the field with the intention clearly to be the boss of the game.

For this reason, it is possible that Manchester United will show the best they have in the starting XI, given the losses they have added in this transfer market, so elements such as David de Gea, Casemiro and Marcus Rashford They will be from the starting game.

PLATE XI Manchester United

  • DeGea; Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw and Bissaka; Fred, Casemiro and Fernandez; Anthony, Martial and Rashford.


Situation with Dortmund in Germany is something likebecause it is curious about a team that was in second place in its local league, but, nevertheless, had more than one opportunity to win the championship, which indicates the unevenness of its manifestations.

The last game he had in the campaign and the points he missed in previous duels caused him to lose the title and he is not the favorite due to this commitment. However, Dortmund hopes to surprise locals and strangers alike by beating their rival in this duel.

And, given the fact that it is not possible to sign the Mexican Edson Alvarez, everything would indicate that the yellow club will not make too many changes in its composition compared to the last official fight that it had, so elements such as Malen, Brandt and Haller they would be starting on the field.


  • male; Soule, Hummels, Wolf & Ryerson; Malen, Brandt, Jan, Reina and Adeyemi; Haller.

Recommended Player: Marcus Rashford

In the second half of last season, he established himself as one of the best players in the world and now he intends to repeat it once again. If Marcus wants to lead this team, he has to do it now.

Manchester United – Borussia D: Lineups

Lineups are announced approximately 1 (one) hour before the game.

Manchester United vs Dortmund Betting Tips & Predictions: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Manchester United vs Borussia Dortmund?

He Manchester United vs Dortmund Quotas can be set up through DAZN and Eurosport in Spain, and through Star+ in Latin America.

What time and date is the game?

This match will take place this Sunday, July 30 at the Allegiant Stadium. This is a clock:

  • Spain: 03:00.
  • Mexico: 19:00.
  • Argentina: 22:00.
  • Colombia: 20:00.
  • Peru: 20:00.

Who is the favorite between Manchester United and Dortmund?

Forecast favorite Manchester United vs Dortmund This is the squad from England, which will thus demonstrate that the difference with the Bundesliga is still great.

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