‘Forever a Goddess’: Sharon Stone falls in love at 65 in a sensual Gulf Guardians swimsuit

Sharon Stone breaks it instagram every time he posts moments of his daily life. D.Actually, his last post on the social network is an example of this.

In the Foto, actress 65-year-old girl flaunts in a red swimsuit -very Baywatch- in a relaxed pose opening the refrigerator at home.

Hollywood star she smiles at the camera and wears short hair as usual. Immediately the post was filled with hearts and comments.

At the same time, in the description of the picture, in which he also poses with a bottle of water in his hand, he wrote: “Healthy. Happy summer.”

“I am a doctor and you are quite healthy”, “Forever goddess”, “Beautiful and smart”, “Very beautiful woman”; were some of the reactions of his fans.

Sharon Stone at 65 falls in love with a sensual swimsuit from “Guardians of the Bay”

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