Former dancers Lizzo accuse her of sexual harassment and ridicule

The Los Angeles Supreme Court has received sexual harassment and hostile work environment lawsuits against singer and rapper Lizzo.

The allegations come from three of the singer’s former dancers, who allege that Lizzo pressured one of them to have an inappropriate interaction with a nude performer at an Amsterdam club.

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, August 1, one of the dancers accused her of being ashamed of her weight and therefore quit her job.

The lawsuit also includes Shirlene Quigley, director of Lizzo’s dance team, accused of religious harassment and inappropriate sexual behavior. It is unclear if the singer was aware of these allegations.

Plaintiffs also charged Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc, Lizzo’s production company, with allegations of religious and racial persecution, false imprisonment, and interference with potential financial gain, among other charges.

Accusations against Lizzo

Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Vivian Jefferson, is known for her advocacy of body positivity and the celebration of her physique.

Lizzo’s public image directly contradicts these allegations, as pointed out by lawyer Ron Zambrano.

“The way Lizzo and her management team treat her artists seems to go against everything she publicly stands for, while in private she shames and humiliates her dancers in not only illegal but downright demoralizing ways.” Zambrano added.

The lawsuit describes an incident in which Lizzo allegedly shamed dancer Arianna Davis after performing at the South by Southwest music festival.

Neither Lizzo, nor Quigley, nor any of the representatives of the production company commented on this.

Also detailed were the experiences of two other former dancers, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez, who collaborated with Lizzo after appearing on her 2021 Amazon reality show. Beware of big Grrrls.

They reported sexual harassment while visiting the Bananenbar strip club in Amsterdam, where Lizzo pressured her co-workers to act obscenely towards naked performers.

It stipulates that Davis was forced to touch the artist due to Lizzo’s insistence, which made her uncomfortable.

They denounced racial and religious harassment for alleged racist and fat-phobic comments made by tour company employees about dancers, overweight women of color.

Quigley is facing charges in a religious harassment lawsuit for allegedly forcing her Christian beliefs on others.

Dismissal of two dancers

The lawsuit showed the dismissal of two dancers: Williams was fired in April after a controversy over alleged pre-performance drinking.

Davis was fired in May for allegedly recording a meeting because her health sometimes disorientates her in stressful situations.

Apparently, at the next meeting, Lizzo confronted the dancer about the recording, which prompted Davis to admit it and was fired immediately. Rodriguez also resigned during this meeting, citing contempt.

The lawsuit includes an illegal detainee lawsuit against producer Lizzo alleging that Davis was forced to stay in the room after the meeting to search her phone.

Former dancers are seeking compensation for emotional stress, unpaid wages, lost earnings and attorney fees, without listing the dollar amount.

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