Former Jesulin de Ubrique and Angelina Jolie’s doppelgänger asks to meet Almeida on ‘First Dates’

Although “First Dates” gone on vacation, this summer Quatro continues to air some of the most poignant quotes from his successful dating show. Participated in yesterday’s delivery Francescawho entered the restaurant of love to the popular song “Toda, toda, toda” Jesuslin de Ubrique.

The musical choice was not at all random, since the woman In the past, he had a “very long” relationship with the bullfighter.. “I was very in love,” said Francesca. But that wasn’t the only curiosity of the visitor, who also claimed he “looked like” Angelina Jolie. Or, what is the same, a kind of “double” of a Hollywood star.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Francesca was surprised to announce that she had been in love with someone well known for “months”: “I like him, but I know he couldn’t come here. He is the mayor of Madrid.”. “Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida seems to me a man with his own point of attraction, sweet. He speaks very coherently, I like it as a mayor, ”he explained in some of the results on camera.

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Hearing the confession of Francesca, Carlos Sobera He did not hesitate for a long time and looked into the camera to submit a petition to a popular politician: “Mr. Mayor, Mr. Almeida. Ever since First Date, we’ve been asking you to come here to the restaurant to have dinner with our friend. Francesca.”

Immediately after that, the presenter emphasized that Francesca is Angelina Jolie’s “Spanish double”: “I think she is the perfect woman for you, Mr. Mayor. Love does not appear every day!” “If the mayor of Madrid wants to make an appointment for a First Date or somewhere else, I will be happy”confirmed the diner in front of the Quatro format cameras.

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