From being a family of Felipe, Letizia and the Bourbons to starring in a highly commented image with Zendaya

“Life gives you surprises, surprises life gives you, Oh God!” that Rubén Blades sang in Pedro navaja. Well now, who has made Pedro navaja He has been someone who, until a few years ago, ate, dined, went on vacation and was a member of the Bourbon family, and now he has become hobnob with glittering Hollywood stars. From being face to face with Juan Carlos, Felipe or especially, the Infanta Elena, to appearing in some surreal images next to two stars like Zendaya and Emma Stone. Who are we talking about?: Jaime de Marichalar.

Jaime de Marichalar / GTRES

From watching the bulls from the sidelines, as in this illustrative image, to surrounding himself with celebrities in a much more glamorous place and being the laughingstock of the network. The former Duke of Lugo no longer wants to know anything about the Bourbons, now he goes around the world with his scarf tied around his neck and seeing his daughter Victoria Federica, quite an instagramer and a it girl, and more from time to time with the tarambana of his eldest son, Felipe Juan Froilán from Todos los Antros, although now that he is in Abu Dhabi with the yayo, less. Marichalar now no longer wants to know anything about the mothballs of the Spanish monarchy and surrounds himself with movie VIPS at Paris Fashion Week. Front line from the Louis Vuitton show. The French firm presents its autumn-winter collection for next year in front of celebrities such as Olympia from Greece, the Cuban-Spanish actress nominated for an Oscar, Ana de Armas, or two wonderful performers such as Zendaya and Emma Stone. The first, star of Euphoriathe second, Oscar winner for La La Landand coincidentally, the two have acted as girlfriends of spider man on the big screen.

Zendaya / @zendaya
Emma Stone / @emmastone

And who has played spider-man? Bingo: Jaime de Marichalar. As surreal as it may seem, King Felipe’s ex-brother-in-law was also there, with the good (or bad) luck that chance made him sit very close to the two superlative actresses. An image that has not gone unnoticed by the network, which has been paid in a bad way. Zendaya arrives at the right time and discusses it with her classmates, but the eyes have gone quickly to who is behind.

Passionate about fashion, as they remember in the Huffington Posthas worked as a consultant in different luxury firms and is often seen in fashion shows… Since in blue We already asked for Marichalar a small role, of villainin the next movie of Spiderman.

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