From fishnet stockings to furry sandals and showy flowers

Fishnet stockings, which triumphed in the eighties thanks to Madonna and have been associated with cabaret, punk and rock, are back in fashion and this time they show their most sophisticated side. They are presented as an essential element in daily dress.

This garment, which has many supporters and detractors, has stood out in the Gucci and Dior parade. It has also been seen on the streets of Milan and Paris, where fashionistas and influencers have shown off their versatility in both daytime and evening looks.

Fishnet stockings, which can be combined with high-heeled shoes, mules, ballet flats or sandals, in addition to showing off in a black version, also appear in other shades such as white, beige, green, brown, purple or orange.

This season, designers are betting on showing imperfect pieces as if they were defective. An idea that brands such as Marni, Maison Margiela or Polo Ralph Lauren have transferred to their imagination with dangling threads, splices in the fabrics, irregular hems or prints as if they were stains.


Bold and sexy, the slit skirt reappears and, according to experts, this spring it becomes essential. Midi or knee-length, the skirt with a slit invites you to show off your legs and facilitates comfort, as seen in the denim models from the Diesel brand.

The slip dress, highly desired since the British model Kate Moss championed it in the nineties with the minimalist aesthetic, becomes an absolute trend this spring-summer 2023 season

Versatile and comfortable, this piece, also known as a “slip dress”, stands out for its lace details, thin straps and its feminine character.

The Versace firm presents them with a gothic air, while Givenchy, Fendi and Roberto Cavalli opt for fresh and summery designs and colours.

“This piece is suitable for all tastes. It can be combined with a masculine American jacket or with a jacket and biker boots, as well as a knitted cardigan”, says fashion expert Pepa Fernández.


Among all the trends that have been seen in New York, Madrid, London, Milan or Paris, fur sandals stand out, “a shoe as eccentric as it is fun that picks up the baton from previous seasons fur sandals”, he adds Fernandez.

Bottega Veneta and Burberry are two of the firms that propose this fashion in which sandals, which are suitable for both summer and winter, have a plush sole in different colors.

Following in the wake of the fur clogs with which Alessandro Michele made his debut at Gucci, this same Italian house has presented a “mules” with a “kitten” heel adorned with stuffed animals.


If lace garments took their first steps on red carpets and events, it is now the favorite fabric for creating hyper-feminine dresses.

Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora, Olivia Palermo or Kim Kardashian are just some of the celebrities who have dared with this trend that exudes delicacy and romanticism.

The firm Rodarte defends the color black in asymmetrical and ruffled patterns, while Kim Shui opts for a more sophisticated version. If lace is combined with flowers, embroidery, ruffles or tulle, an aesthetic imbued with romanticism is achieved that is ideal for creating pieces for events and weddings.

Transparencies are also very popular, “but it’s not worth wearing them just anyhow”, clarifies the fashion expert who highlights the creations of the Belgian Glenn Martens for Diesel, who in his latest collection presented young and attractive dresses with subtle transparencies.

The singer Rosalía has also surprised at the Women in Music Awards of the music magazine Billboard in Los Angeles with a risky style in which she pushed the transparencies to the limit and left part of her breasts exposed. True to her groundbreaking and natural style, the artist arrived at the awards with an outfit made up of a transparent dress adorned with black beading.

A piece that she combined, at the top, with a long-sleeved turtleneck sweater and a “crop” cut that left part of her breasts exposed. For the lower part, she opted for a black “culotte” that covered the navel and high-heeled boots.


The corset, the piece that best symbolizes the oppression and emancipation of women, is back in fashion this season and has become the best ally for female empowerment.

Beyond the classic corset design with laces on the back that Maya Hansen presents or the bustier with cones that Jean Paul Gaultier created for Madonna, the sculpted version is gaining ground since Daniel Roseberry, American fashion designer, created his universe for the firm Schiaparelli.

The showy and colorful flowers triumph on belts and lapels, also in the hair or as a necklace around the neck.

When choosing the bag, better in XL size. As for the colors, beyond pink, aqua green is the clear winner along with white.

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