From Paz Vega to Leticia Dolera: Spanish actresses behind the scenes


This week coincided with the premieres of two Spanish films, which represent the debut of two artists: my loneliness has wingsfrom Mario Casas And girls are okfrom Itzaso Arana. Lately, we’ve seen some actors try their luck backstage, as was the case with Daniel GuzmanRaul Arevalo, Juan Diego BottoGustavo Salmeron, Eduardo Casanova, Paco Leon or Javier Calvo, each of whom has achieved great influence with their films, whether at the level of critical prestige or commercial success.

But the women also took over the reins of their storiesand over the years we have witnessed a veritable avalanche of actresses who wanted to tell their stories and put their style and personality into them. Here are some of them, but there are others: Ana Rujas (creator Thistle), Nadia from Santiago, Aura GarridoSarah Salamo, Sylvia Mount… who follow in the footsteps of Hollywood icons like Greta Gerwig or Olivia Wilde.

Ana Mariscal in full force

If we talk about pioneers in this sense, we should name Helena Cortezinawho at the age of 21 in 1923 made the first feature film directed and produced by a woman called The flower of Spain or the history of the bullfighter. You must also name Daisy Alexanderbut in these years the figure Ana Mariscal. As a translator, he excelled in the forties and fifties and worked repeatedly with Ignacio F. Iquino, as well as with Rovira Beleta, Manuel Mur Oti, Rafael Gil and Luis Lucia, with whom he made a hit. clear brunette. At some point, he created his own production company and began directing his first films. Segundo Lopez, urban adventurer (1953), followed by nine more titles, including Path (1963), which was screened at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in a digitized copy, helping to rediscover the talent of this director, whose work has also been collected by the Spanish Film Library in a cycle.

Isiar Bolline presents “Wedding of the Rose” EFE/ Mariscal

She is considered one of the most important directors of the nineties generation, in which, unfortunately, there were not many women behind the camera as landmarks that make up Isabelle Kouchet or Grace Kereheta the trio that has made the biggest impact so far. She was nominated for the Goya Award for Best New Director. Hello, are you alone?for best screenplay flowers from another world and won two statuettes for I give you my eyes, in which he turned to gender violence and which became a real social event dedicated to a topic that has not yet been so accurately portrayed in the cinema of our country. However, Isiar Bolline started out as an actress and her first role was as a teenager in Southfrom Victor Erice, forever remaining in the collective imagination of Spanish cinema. He worked with Manuel Gutiérrez Aragon in misfortunewith Gerardo Herrero, with Felipe Vega or Pablo Llorca, or with his generational partner, Chus Gutierrez V Sublease. In 1995 he participated in land and freedomfrom Ken Loachwhere she will meet the one who will become her husband, a screenwriter Paul Laverty. He also collaborated with Jose Luis Borau V baby nobody And in Leoin which she currently has her last major role.

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Laura Magna during filming

The Catalan actress began to gain a foothold on the scene of the nineties, until she worked with Bigas Luna V boobs and moon and received more recognition. This was his most intense moment in the field of interpretation, as he participated in Turkish Passion And libertariansboth Vincent Aranda and with Ana Belen. Participated in the French production. dobermanstarring Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel and returned to Spain to film the series. Journalists. In 2000, he signed his first film. compassionate sexwhat will follow chained words. She continues to combine both facets, and her last directing films have been comedies. I love you asshole And My wife’s boyfriend and as an actress body on fireupcoming Netflix series.

Photo by Leticia Dolera from the filming of A Life of Excellence, courtesy of Movistar+. EFE

She started acting in the series when she was very young. After classesalong with other actors of his generation, and it was here that he rose to prominence. In 2003, he began working in a joint production. Representing Argentinaalongside Emma Thompson and Antonio Banderas and in 2005 in an American indie film. Coffee in every corner. After appearing in several short films directed by men, she decided to work behind the camera and signed a contract in 2005. sorry i love you who will follow A or B. While he was trying out this new aspect, he continued to rely on female directors in his projects as performers such as Paula Ortizwith whom he worked in From your window to minealthough his greatest success was Rec. 3: Genesisfrom Paco Plazain which it became zombie bride. In 2015, he directed his debut feature film. Requirements to be a normal personfor which she was nominated for the Goya Award, and later for two seasons of the Movistar Plus + series. Ideal life.

Elena Martin on the set of the film “Creatura”, presented in the program “Directors’ Fortnight” at the Cannes Film Festival 2023.

We met her through Friends of Agathawhere she was one of the main characters, but since then she wanted to make her own films as well, and it didn’t take long for her to sign a contract two years later Julia East. her behind-the-scenes debut based on her personal experience with the Erasmus program in Berlin and in which she starred herself. She united both sides, and we saw her in With the windMeritxell Colell and in a short film success of Sindria, Irene Moray, always in stories involving women. participated in the series Ifrom Los Havis and filmed a video clip for Rigoberta Bandini, Bitch. This year at the “Directors’ Fortnight” of the Cannes Film Festival, she presented her second directorial film. creature.

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Experienced on stage and in television series, she began directing as a result of fiction. low season, a web series she co-created. From there, he took credit for some of the episodes. Ladies (H)AMPA become a showrunner all the restalso starring. As an actress, she participated in EliteV The mess you leaveboth from Netflix, and were instrumental in Life aheadno more and no less than next Sophia Lorenwhose main song Laura Pausini, he won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar.

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Actress Marta Nieto poses on the red carpet of the 35th Goya Awards at the Soho CaixaBank Theater in Malaga ALEX ZEA / EUROPA PRESS

The actress who went through the series with the same success as Paco people or Personal motivesgot his first lead role thanks to Antonio Banderaswho also wanted to try his hand at directing The way of the English. We’ve seen her on shows like Karabudzhantogether with Hugo Silva or a movie Combustion. Although this was due to Motherfrom Rodrigo Sorogoyen where his projection as a translator grew like foam after receiving an award on Venice festival. From that moment on, he did not stop working on such interesting projects as ThreeJuanjo Jimenez, who is expected to premiere Golden Appleby Jaime Chavarri summer in redJuana Macias and Jump!Olga Osorio. Last year, he presented his first work behind the camera. Arestarring Patricia López Arnais and dedicated trans childhood and which is a prelude to what will be his first film he has just finished filming called half of Anna.

Paz Vega will direct his debut feature film Rita.

Another famous performer who just switched sides was Paz Vega, who also just made her first film. Rita, which takes place around a group of children in the eighties. It became known in the television series more than friends and from there it went to 7 liveswhere he achieved national recognition. In 2001, he starred in Lucia and sexJulio Medema, for which she received the Goya Award for Best New Actress. Musical Other side of the bed It was one of the most high-profile events of the 2000s and from there it entered the international market with SpanishNear Adam Sandler. Since then, he alternately moved from one side of the pond to the other. He worked with Frank Miller on Spiritwith Danis Tanovich sortingWith Pedro Almodovar V Talk to her And passing lovers or with Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monacowhere he embodied Maria Callas. In recent years, he did not stop working and now shoots on commission. Alex de la Iglesia 1992mini-series, immediately after filming Rita.

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