From Stephen King to Kevin Bacon, celebrities who drink mate and go viral

Barack Obama, Travis Fimmel, Zoe Saldanha, Viggo Mortensen, Chris Pratt or James Hetfield, The list of celebrities and artists from around the world who have joined the mate tradition is getting longer. Mate infusion has become a trend among celebrities who visit South America and incorporate it into their daily lives.

And every time a Uruguayan (or Argentinian) sees a celebrity trying to find a mate, it goes viral. This is what happened to the actress. Zoe Saldanawho was seen drinking as a buddy on set Avengers: Endgame under the guise of Gamora, also with James Hatfield – leader of Metallica – who takes his friend backstage to concerts around the world and even a writer and screenwriter Stephen King who had an assistant with the Independiente shield on It: Chapter 2.

In the political realm, one of the most memorable is the former president of the United States. Barack Obama, who drank his first mate in Buenos Aires in 2016: “I am proud to tell you that I tried mate for the first time in my life,” he said then. French football player on the sports ground Antoine Griezmann He is one of the greatest representatives of mate born outside the region since Carlos Bueno introduced him to the drink when they shared a team at the Real Sociedad de España.

In recent days, an American actor Kevin Bacon He went viral for sharing his breakfast video on his social media. “Good morning everyone, I will show you my favorite breakfast. Bear with me, you’ll think this is a little strange,” he began.

Having prepared a handful of porridge and boiled an egg, the main character free leg he was going to wait seven minutes after boiling until he was ready. “While you are waiting for those long seven minutes, have a cup of coffee, have some matcha. Grab your yerba mate, it will help you“, – said the actor, showing a pumpkin mate and bombilla.

However, the “slightly odd” part of the breakfast was not a South American drink, but a mixture of cereal with a boiled egg and a pat of butter.

Yerba mate: a cultural good

The “Cultural System of Yerba Mate” was declared a Regional Treasure inscribed on the MERCOSUR Cultural Heritage List in 2018, during the Interim Presidency of Uruguay, on the understanding that it “contributes to the recognition and appreciation of regional cultural identities”.

“Heritage assets are elements of understanding the guidelines, principles and values ​​that are present and shared by the countries of the region. Recognition of the importance of cultural heritage outside the country is an important factor in integration between the countries of the region,” the website of the international organization says.

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