From winning a Goya competition like Penélope Cruz to being blacklisted by the Treasury for a debt of 1.7 million…

As usual, on June 30 the list of non-payers Tax authorities. A series of names that owe the Spanish treasury more than 600,000 euros. There are some names in it that never existed, others that were in the past and are now back, and there are also ordinary non-payers.

In this last group we find the family Ruiz Mateoswhich owes a colossal EUR 10,211,440. Behind almost four million euros is Mario Count. Tax agency he claims EUR 6,396,743.95. And the end of the trio of “usual suspects” vega world.

Paz Vega, a regular on the list of non-payers of the Ministry of Finance

Actress, Laureate Goya How Penelope Cruzhas a debt to the Treasury EUR 1,770,328.10. It must be said that the actress Matthias Kühn forward, which returned to the list this year with debt 7,127,961.37 Euro.

Come back to vega worldthe artist did not win so much goiás like a woman from Javier Bardem. Vega won two goiás in 2002 while Penelope Add 14 to your showcase. But as far as debt with tax is concerned, here he wins. World.

Pas Vega Instagram

Paz Vega is cutting her debt to almost half of what she owed in 2021.

It can be said that debt vega world This is far less than the more than three million euros he owed in the past. Thanks in large part to the abolition of the €560,000 fine by national audience. Despite this, the debt remains significant.

The problem with the actress is that she owned 50% of the company Max Clubthrough which he paid his taxes. The formula used by many celebrities to pay less taxes is heavily targeted by the Treasury Department.

Besides, vega world He had already ruled on his debt in 2017, alleging a “non-compliance with the criteria” that he hoped to resolve in court. In the end, he won the lawsuit and reduced his debt, but this does not prevent him from continuing to appear on the list of Spain’s largest debtors.

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