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With an enchanting photo shoot from bed, actress Gal Gadot wows her fans with the details of her romantic day in Paris

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Like out of a fairy tale! Through her social networks, actress Gal Gadot has managed to capture the breath of hundreds of her fans thanks to the details of her romantic day in Paris that she gave this morning.

Through the stories section of Instagram, the celebrity of Israeli origin appeared with a charming photo session that was done with her phone right after she woke up, even still resting between the sheets of her bed.

Surely the 97 million followers of Gal Gadot on the camera platform were more than delighted with the image, because with a coffee in hand, messy hair and a big smile it melted their hearts.

In recent days, the movie star has also been sharing more photos of his vacation, drawing special attention with a photo in front of the fireplace that was charming for his fans.

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