Galilea Montijo told how she went to the doctor to have her sad face removed

Galilea Montijo and Wendy Guevara (Ig galileamontijo/file)

Galileo Montijo he was the audience’s favorite presenter Home of the famous Mexicobut he showed that not only belonging to a reality show became a topic of conversation that even led him to be a trend in social networks in our country more than once, but that in itself he could give something to talk about etc. It became clear when he admitted to it she went to the doctor to get rid of her sad face.

The host was always honest and uninhibited when she spoke about her personal experiences and anecdotes that marked her life, such as comparing Cuauhtemoc Blanco With Brad Pitt, When Cry right when they discovered it first gray hair in her hair or at that time kicked with high-heeled shoes wall on tv after getting angry with some reporters.

But now she surprised her colleagues and friends Paula Rojas and Sofia Rivera during the show divine web assuring that after making the decision and announcing that the politician and the businessman were going to part with their former partner, he went to a specialist doctor to “wash his sad face off” Queen Ferdinand.

Gali confessed she cried when the specialist told her she had a “sad face” Credit: Unicable

It is worth noting that the guest of the latest broadcast is this one talk show It was Dr. Marimar Guerra, a specialist in rejuvenation medicine. She according to Galileo Montijohe is her “chief doctor” and therefore the driver went for a consultation to remove “her sad face”.

However, things took a turn for the worse for the host of the first season Home of the famous Mexico when the specialist, after an absence of almost a year, told her that she looked very sad and that it was already visible on her facial features and mimic wrinkles, a comment that brought the presenter to tears Today.

Yes, he told it Galileo Montijo: “It’s been a few months without seeing a doctor… about a year, not months, one day I came and told her to get rid of my sad face and she replied that she had never seen me so sad, that’s what she told me.. I’ve never seen you so sad and he asked me to come closer… All I could say was that if I was really sad then aside from some serious therapy, I could still say I asked him to.”

Galilea Montijo also asked her GP for comfort. (Archives)

The confession did not disappoint, but they also shared a reflection on the state of mind, which is reflected in physicality. Was Paula Rojas who believed that despite beating the duel, one must take care of the appearance, otherwise the feeling of discomfort may intensify if the body looks “as bad” as the heart feels.

Apart from, Galileo Montijo She was singled out by the social network spotlight after some hints were revealed that she might start a new romance just like her partner, journalist Paola Rojas.

Isaac Moreno is a model of Spanish descent who was spotted vacationing on the beach next door Galileo Montijo and from that moment a rumor spread that there was an affair between them. Despite the fact that the driver denied a romantic relationship with him.

But in his case, it’s something else, because attention was drawn to some of the comments he left under the photos he recently shared Galileo Montijo on his profiles of digital platforms, where he dedicated phrases like “I love you”.

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