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One of the most important items for beauty These are hands, since this is practically the first presentation that appears in a person after the face and inside them the nails are the most careful, so if this element is damaged or infected, it is unlikely that someone will touch, in addition to associating it with other aspects of your life.

But if you thought that costly treatment was needed to keep them in optimal condition, reality shows otherwise, since everyone “Ingredients” the necessary materials are at home, although sacrifices have to be made, since the necessary materials do not have a very pleasant smell, as they are onions and garlic.

How do onions and garlic help nails?

There are various studies that have demonstrated the properties garlic And onion strengthen and accelerate the growth of nails, as they have the necessary nutrients; In the case of the former, its antioxidant and antimicrobial effects stand out, and it is even believed that in the case of nails, its benefit would be to prevent brittleness and brittleness.

About points in favor onionDue to its components, it plays an important role in the maintenance and growth of healthy nails, so to reap the benefits of both elements, one of the recommendations is to add a piece of garlic and an onion to the clear nail polish. then let them rest for two days.

After this time, it is recommended to apply a layer every day; It should be noted that before using any natural treatment On nails, it is recommended to test a small area to rule out an allergic reaction, emphasizing that consistency is critical and also given that results take time.

Can onions fight nail fungus?

But these elements serve not only to give strength to the nails, but also in case of a fungal problem, thanks to their ability to alleviate it. antifungaland it can be used on the hands and feet as problems with onychomycosis need to be treated quickly to prevent the infection from spreading and worsening symptoms.

And the thing is, when problem the more, the detachment of the affected nails can occur; When a problem occurs, it all starts with a slight discoloration, with yellowish or white stripes, later with a thickening, then with a crack and finally with its weakening, the consequences that are caused by the presence of fungi.

Finally, about how to deal with the problem with this home elementone solution might be to rub garlic directly on the nails, another to do garlic baths on the hands or feet, a third to apply garlic oil, and even the first preventive recipe with garlic enamel.

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