“Glad to never wear a helmet again”

D.Over the past year, there have been countless reports and rumors of a sensational return to NFL For Tom Brady. Many franchise companies NFL They were linked with his possible comeback, but the former QB denied all these rumors. Despite his efforts, the rumors didn’t stop coming, and one of them recently appeared and appointed him QB of the team again. Tampa Bay Buccaneers for next season.

Tom Brady he was fed up with it, he wanted to clear things up once and for all and stop all constant reporting as he knows his name is driving clicks and traffic but he has a lot to say before readers realize they are just looking for those clicks. While this can be seen as a definitive NO to all of these posts, brady you know it may remain part of the news rotation.

Here’s what he said on his show ‘Let’s go to!’ podcast: “Those three years of my football journey were amazing. I loved my family. glazierall players Jason Licht I worked closely with many guys and all the coaches. Todd Bowles And bruce (Bruce is gone) They have so many great guys. Now I’m in Miami and they’re in Tampa. It’s a 40 minute flight so I’m hoping to see some of their games too, but I’m rooting for these guys.

“These are my brothers and football unites us all. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears here, and we’re in Miami in 100-degree heat. It’s hard in Tampa when you’re wearing helmets and shoulder pads. excited to never wear a helmet again. I’ve spent enough years to put this six-pound helmet on my head in 102-degree heat. Trust me, I will never miss it.”

Tom Brady’s New Life as an NFL Owner

Through its participation as a minority partner in Las Vegas Raiderswe will see too Tom Brady in Sin City more often. It should be interesting because we never saw the former QB franchise owner. Of course he will live in the city Miami for now, but will continue to make these trips in Las Vegas regularly.

At the moment, brady There’s a lot going on in his life and the whole world will be thrilled to see him become the NFL franchise owner he wants to be. In addition, there is this agreement in Fox Sports which should start within a year. Though we won’t see each other again brady after playing around, it will be more than enough on many other platforms.

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