Golden State Warriors ‘disarms’: The first player to leave Stephen Curry and company after playoff elimination

It was revealed that after the defeat in the Playoffs, he made the decision to look for new airs due to the lack of opportunities in the San Francisco cast.

Times of change will begin to take place in the Golden State Warriors , after their elimination in the NBA Playoffs 2023 , at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers , and where this will be most noticeable is in the formation of the squad for the next season.

Looking ahead to the upcoming tournament, 10 players remain under a current contract, while two more, including Draymond Green , have a player option , while another five will leave the San Francisco franchise.

The issue is that within the group of players insured for the NBA 2023-24, including captain Stephen Curry , there is one who has already warned the Warriors managers that he wants to “leave the team” to seek new horizons.

The first player who wants to leave the Warriors

As revealed by Shams Charania , of The Athletic , the center Jonathan Kuminga communicated to the directors his intention to “discuss his future with the team this off season” , adding that ” if he is not guaranteed a more important role next season , the 20-year-old could look for a trade . 

The Golden State Warriors will need to decide if Kuminga will get a full-time role going forward , and if not, league sources say the No. 7 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft will want to be somewhere where he can play more. ” , adds the information.

Golden State Warriors

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