Grey’s Anatomy actress wants to appear in The Princess Diaries 3 with Anne Hathaway

One of the most beloved Grey’s Anatomy actresses has shared her desire to return to the cast of The Princess Diaries 3, which will bring back Anne Hathaway and is currently in development at Disney.

Just a few days after the sequel was confirmed crazy friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan Disney granted the fans’ wish Princess Diary and confirmed that they are developing the third part. Since then, nothing else has been reported about the stage at which the project is, but the comments of its protagonist increased everyone’s excitement, as they sounded very encouraging.

Anne Hathaway, who played Mia Thermopolis in the 2001 classic film, told the magazine People at the beginning of 2023 I was very pleased with the level of interest in the third film. and while he neither confirmed nor denied whether he would appear again to reimagine Princess Genovia, he added that “it’s a process that requires patience, so everyone should consider themselves a part of this film for now, because it’s a long time coming.” what it really takes to make films.”

While it’s not yet confirmed if Julie Andrews will return to play Genovia’s Queen Clarissa Renaldi again, there is an actress dying to join the cast in the latest installment of what could be a trilogy. After his famous work in killing eve and voice Meiling Li’s strict mom Net, The translator has already shared to the four winds her desire and enthusiasm to appear in Princess Diaries 3Do you already know what we are talking about?

Sandra Oh co-starred with Hathaway and Andrews in the first film as Vice Principal Mia Gupta, but did not reprise her role in the sequel starring Chris Pine due to its focus on the princess’s time in Genovia. Favourite actress Grey’s Anatomy recently told in an interview for Entertainment Weekly who wants to play teacher again: “I’m ready for the queen. Call me! I’m dying to know how Gupta has progressed in this world.”.

Oh also talked about how the scene in the office where he discovers Mia’s true identity is so important to young people, but he honestly doesn’t know why they love that part of the movie so much. He even commented on how his fan meetings focus on said dialogue as instead of greeting him, they say, “Uh-huh. Yeah. The queen is coming”in addition to which he also knows that this episode has been parodied by fans on Tik Tok.

What will happen to Gupta if they bring Sandra Oh back for a sequel? Princess Diaries 2? It would be interesting to see how she has dealt with life and whether she is still the school’s vice principal. The script will be written by Aadrita Mukherjee.who worked on such series as scorpions And Super Girl, but so far nothing has been confirmed about the cast, its director or a possible release date; We’ll have to watch for some more time.

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