Guardiola and Saudi Arabia offer Mahrez: “It was incredible, you couldn’t say no…”

Manchester City will take on Atlético Madrid in a friendly in Seoul on Saturday.. Guardiola spoke in a preview about what surrounds the group citizen, mainly from the transfer market revolutionized by the “Saudi Arabia” effect. “ANDThe market is open until the end of August. We are not looking for a replacement for Riyadh (Mahrez) in terms of ability, because all players are different. Let’s see what will happen to those who are on loan and who will stay here. Something is going to happen,” Guardiola said of a possible buff the Sky Blues’ technical leadership is working on.

The Spanish coach explained how the Algerian’s exit from City was conceived. Mahrez is a new player for Al Ahli in exchange for 30 million euros (City paid 68 million euros in 2018): “We definitely thought about him staying here. I enjoyed being with him as a coach. We had a special relationship. He is one of the players that I have most enjoyed in my career. He has incredible abilities. An important figure in the success we have achieved over the past five years. He is a guy who has to play every day to be happy. I completely understand. I know how hard it was for him not to play in the FA Cup final and the Champions League final.”.

Guardiola insisted that the Saudi proposals had changed the market as we knew it. “Saudi Arabia has changed the market. A few months ago, p.When Cristiano Ronaldo left, no one thought there would be so many top players in the Saudi league. There will be more in the future, so clubs need to be aware of what is happening. Mahrez got an incredible offer, so we couldn’t say, “Don’t do it.”

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