Guillermo Barrios made a firm decision while recovering from advanced bilateral pneumonia

two weeks ago a journalist Guillermo Barrios He was urgently hospitalized due to a serious health condition, and his condition caused a lot of concern. Now the journalist is out of danger and was able to talk with his subscribers about the difficult moment he went through.

From the Finochietto Sanatorium, where he remains hospitalized as a result of a pattern of bilateral pneumonia for which he was intubated and sedated until his condition stabilized, a journalist from El Nueve broke his silence and said he had made a firm decision based on what he was told happened .

Manufacturer hearing (Net TV) turned to social media to engage with his followers through the Q&A boxes offered by Instagram and was decisive when he spoke about the illness that brought him to the brink of death.

Guillermo Barrios spoke about his health to subscribers from the clinic.

“What happened that you were hospitalized so quickly? You looked really good!” a 2.0 user asked Barrios. To which Gille replied: “It was advanced bilateral pneumonia. Everything manifested itself from one day to the next with a terrible pain in the back.

Guillermo Barrios spoke about his health to subscribers from the clinic.

“Why did what happened to you happen to you? Lots of stress? You are very young! Hugs to you,” was another question the communicator received on Instagram. Then a panelist at La Tarde del Nueve (El Nueve, Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 pm) revealed that due to this shock in his life, he would fundamentally change his departure: “Because he smoked like a toad. And I say that I smoked because I will never touch a cigarette again in my life.

What follows about the state of health of Guillermo Barrios

Journalist Guillermo Barrios is still in the Finochetto Sanatorium, and although his symptoms have improved a little, what he has been through is very serious, and therefore the doctors want to take him slowly until the moment comes when they can give him a high.

“Official statement: Guille Barrios is going through a situation that, although it remains serious, has shown a slight improvement in his initial condition over the past 24 hours,” wrote Ramiro García Moreno, the journalist’s partner, who responded on his Instagram. latest official medical report

Journalist Guillermo Barrios successfully recovers from bilateral pneumonia that has put his life in danger.

“We thank the sanatorium for the love, dedication, respect and professionalism with which they have always worked (and continue to do so), all who love it, for their prayers, prayer chains and good wishes. Everything comes to us. We are more than grateful and hopeful,” added the couple from Barrios.

“Let’s all pray that this will help us, and it has come. To our dear Gilla, to us, to all who love him, and to the doctors. Eternal gratitude from the depths of our hearts and souls,” he concluded.

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