Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez or data protection

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A million followers lost later, Hailey Bieber’s fame is compromised and it seems that the only thing that could save her is a “sorry” on time. The videos of her unfortunate making fun of selena gomez’s eyebrows they stirred conspiracy minds until sparks flew.

Yes Hailey has always envied Selena and stole her boyfriend. Yes the wedding between Justin and Hailey Bieber was an arranged marriage. What if Hailey asked her megaric father -Stephen Baldwin- Justin’s hand reincarnating as Veruca Salt -de Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- and embroidering it (marrying).

This smear whirlwind, which has made Selena the most followed artist on Instagram, has entangled the real news that makes the Asian app tremble: TikTok ban.

What’s going on?

The European Union is considering make the use of the application illegal in all member countries due to “data protection problems” and has begun, as in the United States, by prohibiting it among the workers of the organization.

“In order to protect the European Commission’s data and its cybersecurity, the Commission’s corporate management board has decided suspend for staff the use of the TikTok application on their electronic devices and on personal devices registered with the Commission’s mobile device service (for example, if you use Commission applications)”, indicated in an email sent on Thursday passed on to their workers.

Where do “data protection problems” come from?

According to the leaders of the EU, the Asian company is not complying with the requirements established in the Digital Services Lawalso known as DSA (Digital Services Act). This regulation, which is intended to regulate content on the Internet and safeguard the security of users, entered into force on November 16, 2022.

for platforms on-lineit has been required to publish the number of active users before February 17, 2023. In case of exceeding 45 million users (10% of the European population), the Commission classifies the platform as “very large” and they must comply with the obligations of the DSA within a period of 4 months.

What are some of the obligations to comply with the DSA?
  • Analyze any “systematic risk” (illegal content, privacy violations, etc.) derived from the use of the platform and implement effective mitigation measures.
  • submit to one annual independent audit on compliance with the DSA and, within one month, adopt the issued recommendations or duly justified alternatives that address the “non-compliances” identified by the audit.
  • Provide access to the necessary data to monitor compliance with the DSA to the competent authorities. Vendors may be asked to explain the design, logic, operation, and testing of their algorithmic systems.
  • To establish a public repository of announcements ads that were shown in the past year that include information such as ad content, advertiser, reach, or specific ad recipients.
  • Post terms and conditions in each of the official languages of the countries in which the platform offers services.
And what happens if the DSA is not complied with?

Platforms or social networks that do not follow the guidelines established by the DSA can face fines of up to 6% of your annual income. In fact, the possibility is contemplated that the most serious infraction amounts to the cessation of activity and infringing platform ban.

What has TikTok done about it?

TikTok has revealed that it accumulates a total of 150 million monthly active users (MAU) in the EU and plans to launch a third data center in the EU, ready to start user data migration in the second quarter of the year.

Although this movement has already been branded as an “attempt to avoid any future EU regulation”, from the Chinese application they have indicated that they continue “reducing employee access to the data of European users; minimizing data flows outside of Europe; and storing European user data locally”.

in the middle of a geopolitical confrontation between the West (United States-European Union) and orient (Russia-China), it seemed inevitable that applications and users would be accused of leaking valuable data. weather balloons asians.

As if the Chinese Communist Party were the first source of anxiety for Europeans or the reason why the AI ​​has even put us in bed. It’s time to position yourself or believe that neither the good ones are so good, nor the bad ones so Chinese.

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