Hakan Sabanci proposed to Hande Erçel under a northern lights copying Beyoncé and Jay Z

It seems that the trip to seal their love under a northern lights by Hande Erçel and her boyfriend Hakan Sabanci is not original since many other celebrities have done it before. We tell you.

Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci are two of the characters More popular and recognized in Turkish society. Hande, the beautiful actress of the series ‘Love is in the air’ and model who has captivated the entire country with her talent and beauty, has had a tumultuous love life. However, it seems that she has found true love in the arms of the businessman Hakan Sabanci, a member of a well-known family of Turkish shipowners. Together they have traveled to romantic destinations such as Paris or Lapland, where they have enjoyed the wonders of nature and the beauty of a Northern Lights.

What is the aurora borealis under which Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci have sealed their love?

But what is an aurora borealis and why is it so special? The Northern Lights, also known as northern Lights, are a natural phenomenon that occurs in the polar regions of the world. These beautiful lights are the result of the interaction of charged solar particles with the earth’s atmosphere. The energy released by these particles produces a bright light show and colorful in the night sky.

The northern lights are considered one of the spectacles nature’s most impressiveand they are one popular tourist attraction in places like Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Many couples decide travel to laplanda region in northern Finland, to see the northern lights and seal your love under its magical light.

Why couples get engaged under an aurora borealis

The idea of ​​getting engaged under an aurora borealis it is romantic and mystical. It is believed that the northern lights have a special power to unite couples and strengthen your love. In addition, the beauty of a northern lights creates a magical and unique environment that It’s hard to match elsewhere.

Why travel to Lapland to get engaged under the Northern Lights?

But what makes Lapland the perfect place to see a Northern Lights? In addition to its location on the arctic circle, Lapland It has an ideal climate for observing the Northern Lights. The region has clear skies and low light pollution, which means there are few artificial lights to interfere with your view of the northern lights.

In addition to the beauty of the northern lights, Lapland offers a variety of romantic activities for couples. Visitors can sleigh ride dog-pulled, ride snowmobiles or enjoy a romantic sleigh ride. There are also many places to enjoy a romantic dinner or to relax in a cozy cabin.

Other characters under a northern lights

But far from thinking that Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci are original with their trip to Lapland, nothing could be further from the truth. This phenomenon has been chosen by many other famous couples over the years. One of the most notable couples who have visited the Northern Lights is the American actress Jessica Biel and her husband, the singer and actor Justin Timberlake. The couple traveled to Finland in 2018 to enjoy this unique natural spectacle.

We also have British acting couple Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley, who visited the Northern Lights in Norway in 2014.

Another example is the pair of American singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Zwho they celebrated their anniversary in 2018 in Icelandwhere they could enjoy the spectacle of the northern lights.

In short, there are many celebrity couples who have enjoyed this impressive natural phenomenon, so we can say that Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci are not very original. With how cool and different and metaphorical it would have been that Hakan declared himself in a cage under the sea surrounded by sharks… Anyway, as easy as it would have been…

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