Haraldsson, the Icelandic Griezmann, has already scored three goals for Lille.

Copenhagen’s recruiting and academic policies are paying off. It has in its ranks, among others, promising Rooney Bargy, Elias Gelert and Isak Bergmann Johannesson and sold in recent seasons Victor Christiansen (Leicester/14 million) Jonas Wind (Wolfsburg/12), Mohamed Darami (Ajax/12), Victor Nelson (Galatasaray/7)…

His last major transition is Hakon Arnar Haraldsson (Akranes, 2003). Lille paid 12 kilos – maybe 17 depending on various bonuses – for the Lions’ latest gem.

football family

Haraldsson son of two former Icelandic internationals Haraldur Ingolfsson and Jonina Viglundsdottir.His brothers are also footballers. Haukur Andri will accompany him to France – he will play for Lille U19 and Tryggvi Hrafn for Valur Reykjavik.

The truth is that Hakon Arnar Haraldsson was not able to start his career at Lille on “the best basis”. Iceland youth (11 caps, 1 goal) debuted with a hat-trick in a 7-2 victory over Circulo Brujas.

Compared to Griezmann

His lineage and physiognomy almost inevitably lead us to compare him to Eidur Gudjohnsen, but the Football Talent Scout website, which specializes in youth prospects, traces an interesting draws parallels to Antoine Griezmann for his “handling of the ball, his commitment to defense, his way of determining and his ability to go down to receive from the front.” True, its technical capabilities are now a couple of steps lower.

Comparison of Haraldsson with. Griezmann. Source: Comparator.

A potential that his former coach Jakob Nestrup had already warned about some time ago: “He is one of the most interesting players to come through Copenhagen. I think he is extremely underestimated. The ability to push and the intensity with which you do it They are at such a high level that they are difficult to understand when we look at the physical data.

He is one of the most interesting players to come through Copenhagen. I think it’s very underrated

Jacob Nystrup

“In addition, his technique and vision of the game is at a very high level.. The match he played against Borussia Dortmund is a completely different level,” Nestrup added. he made his debut as a goalscorer in the Champions League and was selected as the “Most Valuable Player” of the match.

Versatility brought to maximum power

Another quality of Haraldsson that should be emphasized, and that he is also related to Griezmann, this is his amazing versatility. In Copenhagen, he played everything except the goalkeeper: right inside, left inside, midfielder, midfielder, winger on both flanks … and closed the last course by playing “false 9”. In fact, he has scored three goals in his last three games.

However, his favorite position is another one that allows him to use his “gift” to attack from behind. “I didn’t know much about the team, but I explored myself and I liked Lille’s style. Play with two midfielders. I talked to the coach and he told me that I can play the role of second 10. Paulo Fonseca wants us to run everywhere and that suits my profile,” admits Haraldsson.

He left home at the age of 16

Haraldsson left ÍA Akranes to play for the Copenhagen youth team in 2019 at the age of 16. Now, playing 58 games, scoring nine goals, providing eight assists and winning two leagues and one cup with the Lions first team, makes a “jump” to Lille. “I wanted to move to a stronger league and I knew Ligue 1 was intense and very physical,” he admits.

I wanted to move into a tougher league and I knew Ligue 1 was intense and very physical.

Hakon Arnar Haraldsson

He will be the first Icelander in the history of Lille. “We spent a lot of time convincing him to come. In January, many clubs were interested in him. He is young, but he already has experience. He played at a very high level in the Champions League and in the Conference.” We follow him closely against Borussia Dortmund, City and Sevilla,” admits Dogo President Olivier Letang, before listing his merits.

Paulo Fonseca saw him and said to me: “What a good and smart player.

Oliver Letang

“Hakon is adapting to our game model. Paulo Fonseca saw him and said to me: “What a good and smart player.” It brings a lot of intensity and personality. The price (12 million) is correct, but if we pay out the bonuses, we will all be happy, because it will mean that he has achieved very good results,” Letan concluded.

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