‘Harry Potter’ Cousin Dudley Surprises Everyone With His Transformation And Success

The actor played the annoying cousin of Harry Potter Dudley superbly. Harry Melling. Dudley was an obese, spoiled, spoiled and unkind child to his cousin Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe in the movie saga of the story.

The childhood coexistence of Harry Potter and Cousin Dudley was brought about by tragedy: Lily and James Potter, Harry’s parents, were killed by Lord Voldemort when their son was still an infant. And to keep him safe, Dumbledore gave the little boy to his maternal family: Petunia, Lily’s sister, and her husband Vernon. The couple already had an annoying cousin, Dudley, who can be seen growing up throughout the films of the saga.

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The image of Dudley, like most of the characters in the Harry Potter saga, has become iconic. No one imagined another in his role. And yet, over the years, the actor who played him nearly lost his job on the story.

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It turns out that in the last movie he was in, his character almost disappeared from production because Harry Melling, now 18, lost weight and didn’t match Cousin Dudley’s physical characteristics.

It’s one of the many details brought up again this season of Harry Potter fever. In September Back to Howardsin which HBO Max and other platforms and channels broadcast entire marathons of this already historic film saga inspired by the work of JK Rowling.

Fortunately for Melling, the actor managed to play the role of Dudley to the end. Because ultimately the producers decided to create a prosthetic and adapt his facial features to Dudley’s past with the help of makeup.

Later, the physical change of the now 34-year-old British actor, 1.80 height and 75 kg weight, was beneficial for him, as it helped him quickly break away from the role, which was more difficult for other actors.

About his transformation in his youth, the actor explained, “I think it was something unconscious when it started to happen. At 18, I went to drama school and lost weight there. Not because of any serious need on my part.

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Melling continued his acting training on stage, taking part in various theatrical productions in his country. And he continued to work seriously in serials and films. He was part of the cast Devil at any time of the day And War of the Worlds. And he stood out for his role as Harry Beltik in the hit series. Queen’s Gambit. In the latter, his character was the rival and friend of the main character Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy.

Recall a later production: Melling played with Christian Bale in Academy crimes. In this Netflix movie, he plays the role of Edgar Allan Poe.

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